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Originally Posted by SunSwept
Hmmm ....

This thread is going in some of the strangest places so I thought that I might jump in.

Unions -- are for employees and I am not an employee and hope to never be one again. So much for unions.

Government Regulations -- they already meddle too much according to some of you and me too. Business Licenses, liability insurance requirements, taxes, applicator licenses. And someone out there wants MORE government meddling? No thank you.

Price Fixing ... hmm, seems to me that we got off the path ... the term is Anti-trust. When companies get together and plan their prices then it is part of the anti-trust laws but then, maybe "price fixing" does come in at that point somewhere. Airlines follow each others prices but they don't plan it in advance. One changes prices and watches what the other airlines do.

Body shops and Mechanics DO use a standards books and it tells them how much TIME something should take. The individual shops set their own hourly rates. We already have something like that. Seems as though I have found (in several places on the net) estimates of the number of hours it should take to do so much land with a deck that is x-inches wide and running at y-miles per hour. YOU set your own hourly rate.

For those of you paying attention to my posts, you know that I don't understand the whiners. I just can not imagine the board of directors of, say, Microsoft, whining about some of the smaller companies eating into their revenues. ("Oh, we should get laws passed that require them to sell THEIR software at high prices".) Not gonna happen.

If you are a true business man then you know about costs, revenues, sales, budgets, projections and COMPETITION from all angles and you factor that in. When you know that someone is operating at lower prices, stop whining and see what you can do to cut costs.

A little hint. If you are operating on a 10% margin then you will have to increase sales by $1000 in order to see an increase in profit of $100. If you cut costs by $100 the you see and increase in profits of $100. If you can't figure out what that means then maybe you should become an employee again and join the union.
SunSwept, If you would have read all of the posts you would have seen that I didn't mean a "union" persay, but an association of some type. Further more a whole 46 posts and you come off as some type of authority figure.
Everone is entitled to their own opinions but to start throwing out names like "whiner" etc. I think is uncalled for! I think there should be some type of license or something that you would need to aquire before you mow any lawns period! Plumers, Electritions need a license, why not us? All I'm saying is if we needed that it would weed out, I think a lot of "fly-by-night" so called LCC's. I'm sure you or anybody would be ticked off if you loose a few bids to lowballers with no insurance, doesn't pay taxes etc. I would be too.
I picked up a lawn this year that the homeowner said the guy stopped showing up in July. Well great for me this year but he was only charging $16.00 for a lawn that is at least 3/4 of an acre! It just ticks me off that I have to bid against people like this every day! I just think evey legit company would benefit from something like this.
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