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Best solution bar none

I've had this problem since I was a kid, even when I was skinny, not just mowing, playing golf and everything. I've got probably 20 pair of them and NEVER have "THE PROBLEM" with them on. The answer? Spandex "jammer" swim trunks, other companies like Dolphin etc.. make them too..just search for jammers. I put them on underneath my normal clothing of course. They make walking frictionless, they wick moisture away and are very durable.

You want to pull them up as far as you can, in front, pull them up far enough that you have to choose a direction to "dress," :blush: In back just pull them up as far as is comfortable...farther the better . For gents with an overhanging gut (like myself) the top of the trunks will have extra material for you, so much that you will look like "granpa with his pants up to his chest." They don't really work well like that, they won't stay in place, The way to fix that and make the trunks more comfortable is to tie the string in the waist band and simply roll it down. Keep rolling the extra waist band material down until you get to your waist my case my gut line Usually I can roll the extra material down just below my belt line and there are no issues with my belt/pants being too tight.

Check out they usually have some sort of "grab bag" no pun intended, special that makes these pretty affordable. Here is a pic of what i'm talking about...

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