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Originally Posted by hunter
I wear the tight sport underwear that has long legs. They almost reach my knees. Jockey makes the best. this helps me from getting chaffed. And always use medicated powder everyday. I sweat 10 gallons everyday with about three changes of clothing.
This is the solution. I don't mow much anymore. But I do cardio workouts and sometimes for quite a long time (over an hour) and that's when I get the chaffing too. These type of shorts (they look like the shorts that the bicycle racers wear) totally solved all my chaffing problems. Whenever I workout, I always wear a pair now and I have zero chaffing now.

One trick, You gotta pull them up high. I know that sounds funny. Don't get outta hand. Not "THAT" tight. But you want them up high. I swear this works.
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