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Did I do wrong?

To make a long story short, last year was my first year of commercial mowing. I had just 5 lawns lined up when I ran into a local lawncare guy at the Toro dealership. We got to talking and I became a subcontractor of 15 lawns. By the 1st month of mowing these lawns 12 of the 15 had confronted me in mowing there lawns and to do away with there present contractor. All of them said there lawns looked the best they ever had. I thanked them all and said I couldn't do that, that he was good enough to trust and get me started.
This year I let him know that I was going on my own that over last year and this year I am up to 30 + lawns (all but two are 15000sq.ft. plus). 6 of the 12 call the past week and ask me to mow, I declined. I felt these were his customers. two of the six would not take no for an answer. I told them the only way I would is if down the road things did not work out I would consider! Well he (contractor) shows up to mow these two clients. The first tells that I was going to mow from now on. This client owed a few dollars for a landscaping job from last fall and and with a few threats of collection he dicided to stay with the present cntractor.
He went to the second customer and the same thing. Well after two calls from the contractor and being called every name in the book on the first call, and the second call being threated I was very upset. I had no Idea why he was acuusing me of taking his customers. Well, come to find out about 10:00 last night the second customer calls and said the fired the contractor and that they had to have me mow there lawn. After seeing how *nal the contractor was and threating me, I did agree to service there lawn. I also let the customer know that I did not appreciate what they had done.
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