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Thanks so much for all your input!

I am very professional and burn like a lobster, so no need to worry about inappropriate clothing here. Plus my old bosses wife loved me, and we worked alone a lot, so no troubles there. I should be okay that way. Dont want to give off the wrong vibe and put myself at risk when I'm working alone anyhow.

I will be designing my doorhanger today while doing laundry and will get most of them out on Sunday so I can chat with potential customers while they're more likely to be home.

Hope you're all having great weather and business is going smooth.

P.S. I also wanted to say that I will admit in a heart beat that I am not as strong as a man, but that means I just have to do things a little different to be as efficient. I've never had a complaint from coworkers, or my old boss either.
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