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"Lisa's Landscapes", sounds like a stright forward name, 1 of my company names is "Floral Designs By Saxon" [ Saxon is my 1st name], This works for Me!!!!!....Being a woman, havein a different name, sets you aside from everybody else.......About mowin, when I started I had a 32" troybilt dedicated mulch mower, my assistant [ a woman, 5ft tall, easily handled that mower [ self propelled ] & we ramped it into our pk-up on 2 -2x6's w/ ramp parts [ ramp ends], since it was a mulcher we didnt need a big truck or a trailer to haul that waste.[ in fact 2 of those mowers fit into a 8ft pick-up]....A few full service accounts wouldnt kill you, and will help maintain a solid cash flow.....We used weekly maintance to get us a start, only did 20 accounts at $20-30 per cut, we did these in 2-days [ not 2 - kick-ass days either[...But it helped get us exposure, we'd put out flyers where we were working [ 5-10 ], and being a woman, if somebody smiles or says "Hello", take it from there, promote yourself & your Bizness....Bein small you can take any small job to start?.....Move that 3-4ft shrub- $ 40-60 bucks, feed those landscape planting $25-75...these prices work for properties 3-5000sq,ft...."Best Advice"....find yourself a good perennial grower [ most are women in my area], get flats of 4" pots, usally 12 to a flat, avg cost is $2.25 per plant [ now very easy for you to double its cost and charge a fair labor rate to install ]....You may want to do a summer special, a 5ft x 5ft bed [ pre-exsisting], offer 30-40 perennials installed for $175.00, plant in bunchs of 7's to get "Bursts of color"......Of course weeding, mulching, edgeing is all extra, soooooooo on the basic job you end up makein $100.00 for an hour & ahalf......[ far more than a grass cutter?]-.....So dont worry, Regards Saxon
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