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I am a 25 year old woman. I have been landscaping since I was eighteen and this is my third year of owning my business with my "little" brother. There are times when I am very glad to have him, like when pulling out 40 year old junipers. But, for the most part, I am capable of doing anything I need to. We hire women almost exclusively (sorry guys) because they work harder consistently and pay attention to detail. But we specialize in working in existing landscapes doing maintenance (beds only, no mowing), renovations, installs, etc. We focus on quality, like not piling mulch up against a tree trunk, and women pay better attention to those details. I prefer not to do new landscapes at this point. My knees are already getting blown out from crouching to pull weeds for the last seven years, and my wrists hurt from deadheading flowers with pruners. I work hard enough, new landscapes would be too much at this point. Repetitive stress injuries are a real issue in the landscape industry.
I totally understand the young voice issue. I also sound like a twelve year old. I look young too, so I have to emphasize my experience and expertise. I have more of a problem with being shy! I am naturally shy, so I have to concentrate hard on talking to people. Usually I'm okay once I start talking about plants.
My best advice is to buy quality tools and find the most efficient way to do things. Steel shovels and Felco #2 pruners are required.
Good luck. You'll do fine.
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