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You only need two 15/16" wrench and a jungle jack to change blades on a stander. Put the blade on the bolt, then the spaces (I use four spacers). For those running double putting them in a X now makes life easier) Hold the blade in the middle with your palm holding the bolt. Slide it up into the spindle, then with your other hand, put on the rest of the spacers (I use two) and the nut. Tighten the nut until its hand tight. Then put one box end of one wrench on the top and do the same on the bottom. Tighten until it becomes quite hard to turn. You don't need to go over board with them. Otherwise you will never get them off in the field if you need to. Only once have I had a a blade come loose and that was after hitting a rock that was 6" by 6" by 6".

I personally have quite a few scars on my hands from blades. Since my blades are sharpen until they have a razor edge on them. So handling them is dangerous.
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