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I used to pull some pretty near 24 hour stints on getting projects done for shows coming up the weekend of. My regular routine now is 9am till 11pm pretty much every day of the week. I have pulled some 9am till 4am's regularly as well. Yes I'm a glutten for punishment. Causes a few disagreements as well when someone wants to head home early on an 8 hour shift though....lazy ass ppl I say lol.
I'm with Jeff, about 14 hour days, 7 days / week in the summer, except I'm usually from 7 am to about 9 pm.

56 hours plowing. Woke up in the right lane of the freeway on the way to another account, decided it was time to head home. Had 16" of snow over 2 1/2 days straight so had to keep driving around in circles to keep the commercial stuff open.

Last year I did a 22 hour day mowing. We had had so much rain I finally had a day where it wasn't raining so I started at 3 am and pulled back home at 1 am.

I only do commercial, and most of them have lights on them all night, so you can see just fine, even for trimming.
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