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Back in '96, I lived in Atlanta when the Olympics came to town. We had properties downtown that were closed off to vehicular traffic except between the hours of midnight to 5 am. Several of our other properties were affected to due to their proximity to events. It was a Wednesday evening, about 6pm and we were just about to go home, when someone had to idea to come back at 10pm and start our day. We did not stop until 6:30am on Friday. We mowed for 36 hours straight, only taking breaks for meals. We did only commercial office parks, so they were well lit and empty. I did that several other times that summer, just not for 36 hours, more like 20 or so. Our days always started at 3 am, and we typically finished about 5:30 pm everyday. That summer I averaged 75 hours in 5 days. Never again!!! I keep my guys at 40!!!
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