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Originally Posted by lifesaverbuddy
Thanks for your input. This is one of my biggest fears.

Thanks for the welcome too. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I am 21, in my 2nd year as an Engineering Student, and have just moved away from my wonderful boss of 3 summers. I wasn't going to landscape this summer but I just cant stay away from it, so here I am trying to go on my own for the first time at the last minute. I don't have anything ready cards, no fliers, no truck yet either. But I will get it all done and quick as I can too. I guess the biggest thing holding me back is a name. The obvious is "Lisa's Landscapes" and I like it, but I'm scared they wont call just because I'm a woman. I dont want to use my last name, no real reason, it just doesn't feel right. So, any thoughts? I also have "day-mares" (nightmares) about customers calling and hanging up immediately when they hear my 12 year old girly voice(This is not unfounded. I really do have a childish voice!). My other day-mare is that they wont rent me a bobcat because they dont trust me with it! Rediculous, I know, it's just cold feet. Any thoughts, comments are welcome.

We've got a number of female owned installation and design businesses around..........I think it is a selling point since just like real estate, the WOMAN is the one that typically decides what house is going to be purchased, the man just signs the checks. (LOL!) (I'm actually quite serious, real estate agents will tell you this) I believe it is the Women of the household who've got a lot of say so in landscaping as well.

Good luck to you...............
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