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Thanks for all the well wishes. I am needing them right now.

I am majorly behind. I just got my doorhangers printed today, but won't be able to get them out until Thursday afternoon as I am still in the middle of finals.

You can all laugh when you hear that I had decided to cut the holes myself. After doing 50 of 500 by tracing around a metal circle with an exacto knife, I gave up. Then an idea hit. I searched my entire house for silly putty, and will just hang them right on the front door at eye level. Here's to hoping I'm not a complete idiot, since I imagine 75% of them will fly off in the wind!

Have any of you put up sandwich signs(2 square boards held together by hinges, and when the bottoms are separated, it supports itself)? I am thinking I could put these in the new areas needing sod. But they are about $100, so I would have to make and paint them myself. The other day I was in Tim Hortons drive thru and I noticed another landscapers sign stuck right in the groud beside it. I am secretly jealous I did not think of this first. Everyone can call him while they're waiting in line for their coffee.

And just one more question. Do any of you have any experience with rubber stamps? I am thinking about getting one for invoices, receipts, etc. I can get one for $28, or make my own for $25 with a Micheals kit(which can be changed at any time to say whatever I want).

Hope you're all comfortable busy. Thanks again.
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