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If you can't cover your insurance deductible, maybe you should look at your biz. Why is the deductible so high? The employee could say in court, that he was not informed how high your deuctible was? He could say he assumed it was lower, all kinds of things could come up.

I could understand you wanting them to pay the deductible, however I only feel that would be fair if they were plowing and not traveling. Sometimes crap happens and thats why you have insurance. I myself don't require employees to pay damages on trucks, it is part of business. They are useing your equipment to make you money, and sometimes crap happens.

If you hit your employee up for 1200 hundered bucks how do they feel. How long will it take them to earn 1200? What about there other expenses? How do you expect them to live? How do you think they will feel towards you and your company? Your employee may be so afraid of hitting or breaking something again, they might be to scared to work for you. Then you have no employee to opperate your equipment to make you money.

The end result:

He was useing your equipment to make you money, how much has he made you this year? Vs how much have you paid him?

Is it even legal to do this?

For a 200 dollar basketball hoop I could see this, for 1200 bucks I think it's crap.

Oh yea he said he jack knifed the trailer, so he might be saying it is his fault. However when you try to hit him up for 1200 bucks, what will he say? Is he going to say a car stopped quick, the roads were in poor condition, ect. What if the trailer was overloaded, or unsafe. All kinds of things could come up. Then it might not be his fault. Just like if we leave a lot in poor condition and someone gets hurt, who do they go after?

My advice pay the deductable, it's part of biz. It could have been worse, what if someone was hurt or killed.


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