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Atrimic or other growth regulators ? for thos who use them.

I looked into growth regulators over 10-years ago and was told by the rep applications had to be very precise or I would end up with funky growth, such as overlap areas much shorter than the rest etc. Seemed more trouble than its worth at the time, now I'm reconsidering. I did a search and seems like others are using them with success just want a few more details. I have a client with lots of little leaf euyonmous and Japanese box woods. Looking for a way to reduce the labor. Here in the summer I would be hedging every 3-4 weeks to keep them tight. What about over-spray? like onto lyropes or anything else for that matter. Yes I will read the label for the legal eagles I just want some real world experience info. Thanks in advance for the avalanche of knowledge that is about to come my way.
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PGR's have come a long way in ten years. PBI Gordon makes a good one for shrubs. The product name escapes me at the moment, but I've heard good things. There is Primo Maxx for turf if you want to spray grass. Check out PBI's website for a local rep.
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So the label says...

The label on atrimmec says that two apps will last season long. It's a pbi gordon product but i think you can get it at lesco. Not sure about any side effects. Also i know the rates are different for different plants.
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we use alot of cutless. It's granular, just make sure you follow the label and turn on the water to wash it in. Works great.
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Well, we've sprayed PGR's four times this season, both turf forumlas (Proxy & Primo) and shrub formulas (Atrimmec) and mixed them at the listed rate and a tad stronger ad none of them really worked well at all IMO.
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did you spray the atrimec AFTER you trimmed or before?
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