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Old 08-11-2005, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Howard Roark

And they blame it on malpractice lawsuits. What the hell ever. Try drug companies running the show. When is the last time your doctor spent over 10 minutes with you finding out the root cause of a problem you were having, without whipping out his prescription pad? The war on drugs....yeah...just the ones on the street. Not the crap "they" make tons of money on.
One last note....Walk into the doctor's with a migraine, he prescribes a drug. You're not deficient in this drug, or any drug, therefore this is obviously for one purpose.....TO SELL THE DRUG!$$$
Oh yeah, and treat your symptom.
It really is crazy. If, for example, you are facing surgery, did you know it can be CHEAPER to fly to europe and get the surgery done? I mean, if you don't have insurance and you're facing a 20 thousand dollar problem, chances are they can do it in Europe for around 4 or 5 thousand and not in some 3rd world country, we're talking like germany or switzerland.

Anyway, didn't mean to ramble lol, but I will say this as far as sole source of income: It took years and I am now in my 4th year, and while things have never been better BUT:
As the OWNER, I pay myself one check per month for one thousand dollars.
So the guys are right when they say think about this for a minute, because it is not get rich quick and grass-cutting is probably the easiest work out of all the things you can end up doing, and technically speaking, grass-cutting is still hard work.
But it is nice, and it is possible, and doing lawncare and not working for anyone else (i.e.: not receiving someone else's paycheck) really does work, it is no get-rich-quick scam (well u won't get rich even slow lol) and I had to learn how to budget and spend LESS money than I ever spent before in my life, but now I have more free time than ever before.

so as u can see, it has + and -'s
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Old 08-12-2005, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by topsites
I agree with the above somewhat but it also depends on your standards and lifestyle. As for me, I have not drawn a paycheck from someone else since 2001 and I carry the bare minimum insurance as required by law (, no health, no life, no dental, no home AND no other) which is how I am able to put away more than a few thousand dollars/year as I'm not paying all the paper-pushers their wages.
I must admit the first few years were VERY scary but to be quite honest, MOST of those expenses are nothing but a big waste of money that is better off in the bank. About the only thing kicks my tail is taxes, advertising, and fuel.

Then, that's just me.
What are you going to do when you hit someone driving a $125,000 Mercedes or you run over a person on a motorcycle with your minimum limits? You do know that you are liable for any damages that exhaust your insurance coverage.

What about when your house burns to the ground? I hope you either do not have a mortgage or you have A LOT of money to build a new one!
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Old 08-12-2005, 12:36 AM
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insurance coverage Germany style

My sisiter in law is ranting because they started deducting 10 Euros every 3 months for office visits to see the Doctor does not have to pay any more money for anything prescriptions or lab work or anything medicaly neccesary WHAT wrong with America why can we spend no telling how much for Bullls--t projects that will inform some idot of how ants mate and how many offspring they have but they will not find a soultion th e the health care problems facing the majority of the legal Americans that work fo r a living but do not make enough to afford health insurance but if you are a illegal or other then the goverment will put you on foodstamps and welfare and medicade but the average American does not fit the profile as you are not stone poor and broke and have a phone or some other BS reason for you to be disqualifed from getting assiatance Got to quit Blood pressure getting up . And our stupid idiotsts in Austin can not figure out how to solve the funding problem in our school system here but they can give the texas state judges a FREKKING 33% PAY RAISE!!!!!!!!!!! Said that they were under paid think that that brings there salary up to about 120,000 a year give or take 10,0000. I have said enough I will shut up now Have a great day and hold the elected officals accountable
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