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Old 12-06-2001, 06:56 AM
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"transitive verb
Inflected Forms lowballed, lowballing, lowballs
Definition 1. to give (someone) a deliberately understated price without intending to honor it. "
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Old 12-06-2001, 08:26 AM
awm awm is offline
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this is just from memory but i believe that about 4 out of 5
new buisinesses will fail within 6yrs of start up.this is why their will always be underpriced services. they find out whats realistic priceing. but its usually to late when that is finally realised . when young i
ran a parking lot sweep truck for a senators aid ,who wanted
to stay incognito. his idea was to under price and do volume work.
works fine for discount stores but parking lot cleaning aint sellin taiwan products. when the truck wore out ,we were done.
guess he may have gotten a tax rite off or something.
but i was lookin again.
aw marks
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Old 12-06-2001, 09:21 AM
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I agree with alot of your points but.............

I also know what I have to charge to make a profit too. Anything less than fity an hour, then I end up in the hole.
Originally posted by Craig Turf Management
I'm just guessing, but I bet more than half of the members here don't know why they charge what they charge for their services. I mean I don't believe that many of us know how to determine our true overhead and cost of doing business. I think it's like the kid in school who is afraid to raise his hand to ask a question out of fear of being ridiculed by the class. Then on test day, he blows the test, flunks out of school, can't get into college, so he buys a lawnmower and gets into the business only to fail at that because he is afraid to ask his buddies on a lawncare forum how to figure out his cost of doing business because he is afraid of being ridiculed. I see things changing around this place, and maybe now is the time to get back to basics, ask the hard questions, and be honest with yourself and everyone else on this site. Do you need help figuring out the business side of doing business. Matbe some of the successful operators on this forum can help us or send us someplace for this information. Be honest, should you be on this list? I think I need help, so I'm raising my hand. Be gentle, I'm your lawnsite buddy.
Bill Craig!
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