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Originally Posted by Hissing Cobra View Post
I simply replied that based on your post, you were saving money between the products and then you listed the 13-18-22 analysis. I pointed out that more bags would be needed (based on the analysis, to provide 1# of N per 1,000 sq.ft. I never once stated that you ripped people off. By the way, your 13-18-22 analysis sounded more like a starter fertilizer than a regular fertilizer. I'm glad that it actually turned out to be an 18-13-22 instead. However, that's a lot of P to be applying on a regular basis and because P doesn't move through the soil, you're taking a chance at having an overabundance of it. Phosphorus levels in my neck of the woods are all through the roof and that's why the majority of the companies out this way use products that are very low in P.

You go on to state that you customize all of your lawn programs and apply what each lawn needs. With that being said, you must do extensive soil tests for each and every lawn and offer 100's of different programs? That seems highly unlikely and would seem like a perfect way of "over-analyzing" something to the point where it wouldn't even be profitable.

By the way, I don't use any 46-0-0.

Yes I do soil samples for EVERY lawn EVERY year. Many of my jobs are in the same neighborhoods which allows me to be able to customize the programs. I have 9 homes on one street and they all have the same soil results. Also you didn't read closely because if you did you would have read how I apply this to lawns that NEED this fertilizer the same way I have put down 9-23-30 before.
Also I don't charge one price for fertilizing someones lawn they get a bid after the soil sample comes back then if its 9-23-30 they pay more but if their sample comes back A-ok then they will get for example 32-3-8. If you want to just be a Show and Go like ChemLawn and use the same products on all lawns then be my guest. I'm almost guessing you didn't go to school because if you did then you would have been taught that you can't give all the lawns the same thing.
Also to other people its true DON'T us high P because it can cause water contamination over time. Only use if necessary.
Also most of my props are over 1 acre with many being 3 acres which makes it more profitable to do so.

Also I should tell you all how I live 30 seconds away from Southwest Landmark and the nearest Lesco is a 45 min drive.
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