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OLC(organic land care) or AOLCP (accredited organic land care provider) is really what they use for us landscapers NOFA is used more in the farming or overall areas.
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Originally Posted by roccon31 View Post
everyone around here that i know looks at me like i have 3 heads when i start talking about spraying CT and topdressing with actual compost not just rotting leaves. most folks have no clue what this is even about. even had a contractor friend call me a tree huggin hippy cuz i started a worm farm..... should have seen the looks i got from people when i was trying to buy a topdresser- "a what? you mean a manure spreader? what do ya want that for?" hahaha

i'll be going this alone i think.
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Doesn't make it the wrong path! Do it with integrity and do it well. The golf industry gets a bad rap (IMO) that it doesn't deserve, and it is from opinions like you are mentioning. On large scale turf, sometimes budget and profitability (ROI) must be the first priority. That doesn't mean (just because the media found ONE course and made sure the world knew about it) that golf course managers nuke the world everyday w/ chemicals. I think most would be surprised at the bridges to organics that are in place. Not because of an intentional move to organics, but because the organics work. I've been spraying kelp/seaweed my entire career (OK, only almost 30 years, but....). We did it back in the 80's, not because of a an organic movement, and not because of all the research in the last 20 years about L-amino's or any of that, but because it WORKED. The mistakes of the ignorant few are paid for by the many. Golf courses like where I am would, in general find that organic PROGRAMS are budget friendly. Does that mean I won't be spoon feeding ammonium sulfate? don't bet on it.
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The speakers at the NOFA OLC courses are top notch. These guys have many years of experience of actually applying what they're lecturing on. They speak with passion and honesty.

There are two more classes and exams;

Feburary 25, 26, 27 and Mar 2, 3 - 2009 in Providence, RI

Feburary 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 2009 in Schodack, NY (near Albany)

More information can be found here.

Sorry about the shameless plug. I promised someone that I would promote the course in any way I could.
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