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Old 03-08-2010, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by lalorslawncare View Post
Ive had, many times in the past, customers say to me " the grass grew kinda long this week could you lower your blades a notch this week" Every time I tell them sure then go over to my machines and crouch down in front and act like Im doing something for a minute. then I mow the lawn. After Im done I knock on the door and ask if everything looks ok. Every Time and I mean every time the customers tell me "it looks great cut it that height every time". I just smile to myself.

On the subject of trash in yards a couple of years ago I had an apartment duplex where a lady with three small kids lived. Every week I would pull up she would be in the back yard with her kids. It has a fairly sizable front yard so I would start mowing there. Every week for a couple of months she would take her kids inside and leave their toys all over the yard, lots of crap toys squirt guns plastic trucks and the like. Well one week I had had it. I told myself Im going to get fired but I dont give a damn. I went into the back yard and as usuall all kinds of toys were scattered all over. As the woman and her kids watched I mowed all the toys into oblivion and covered the back yard with shards of plastic. When I got home, as expected I had a message on the answering machine from the apartment owner. The message was something like this. " My renter called and informed me that you did not pick up the toys she had left in the lawn and you mowed all of the toys into peices, if she leaves anything in the lawn ever again do the same thing mow the %$^ out of them. I still have this client and have never picked up anouther thing out of this yard.
hahaha thats the best story yet!! the landlord was probably sick of her shite too
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Old 03-08-2010, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
I was kinda taken aback when I got that guys response to my estimate--it upset me for a day or so that a potential customer would be so difficult up front--the day it snowed in Austin, I was picking up a limb behind the Stack house and the wife and step daughter drove up and were taking photos of their burned down house with the snow--they said "how often do you get to see your house with snow all around it" ...kinda weird, but she seemed really calm and collected--very nice lady though. I offered to take a photo of them with the house in the background...they did not hesitate.
I think now it's getting a bit deep...
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Old 03-08-2010, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
Took me a bit to figure this next one out...

While all them whipper-snappers go out there knocking out their 300+ lawns a day...

I found most of them kind of customers just want somebody that doesn't treat them like the next ho to go pimp off for a dollar.
Granted some might be PITA's but most are probably just asking that someone at least try and pretend they're human.

I know how it is, some might think that the harder a man works, the more money they'll take home.
I used to think that, too.

Now I notch the gear selector down a slot and take it a little slower, ooops it takes longer,
I don't work near as hard, when I'm finished I collect my money, and go home.
Same here in Tulsa, I have 30 or so accounts, so if it is raining I don't have to mow the 30 yards that day. Most of my customers are the ones that had the service that would do it in 10 minutes. I take my time and visit with them when they are there. I have a small construction company so during the off season I am fixing there fences, decks, painting you name it. Works well for me the last 26 years.
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