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Originally posted by timturf
Got to respect a company that backs its products. In 1989, got burn on Par Ex 20-0-16 greens grade fertilizer. Material was suppose to be 70% WIN nitrogen, but after burning (Badly) 18 greens which had been open foe 8 weeks, tested remaining material, GUESS WHAT only 25% win, and par ex did do anything. Tried to get club to sue, but no luck. Another supt. down the road had the same problem on newly rebuilt greens. His club sued, they settle before case came to court.

DO I USE PAR X!!! .... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHY don't back their product for ME

First Time is shame on you second time is shame on me. However that is not always the case. Sometimes we must grin and bare it.

Below is a link to a thread here on Lawnsite. Tremor, who works for Lesco as an outside salesman, used to post here quite often. He posted a lot of good info. Much of the info was Lesco Product favorable of course. I used to give him Hail all the time and even had him calling himself “Professor Snake Oil”. I may have fallen on my sword and driven him away since he has only posted once or twice after the below Link.

Groundskper and I talk on the phone from time to time and often AOL each other. He is one of the good guys and very knowledgeable. He doesn't buy from Lesco either but made a post about taking a new guy in his area to the local Lesco branch and getting him started. After reading this I called him. He point out that most of the member don't have the Education or experience that you (TimTurf) do and Lesco was at least a place where they might get started. Therefore as much as I hate Lesco's prices and business practices I must back off because they do serve a need. I would rather see the new guys go to Lesco than Scotts since Scotts has now bought out Centrex L&O. They are using their name to put the little guy out of business. The more we use Scott the more we re enforce their Brand Name and give them working capital to put us under. Scotts is now just another True Green.

Tremor and Lesco Thread

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

You can lead a Donkey to water but you can't make the Jackass Drink

My People Skills are Fine. It is my Idiot Tolerance Skills That needs Work.

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weed adn feed

Have any of you checked into liquid weed control? It's going to be
much more cost effective than any weed an feed, and the ability
to spot treat, makes it even better. Yes, it adds another step
to the process, but it will reduce your costs per acre dramatically.

Some people will bill this as a seperate treatment on it's own!

Safer, more effective, and as a spot treament, more environmentally friendly.
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