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Originally Posted by WorldsStrongestLandscaper View Post
My 05 6.0 is in right now,limped in with water in fuel light on,ended up being an injector 500.00$ oil change and fuel filters??? Just did fuel filters 6 months ago. Only 2000 miles on filters. Truck has 35000 miles on it. We will see. This is the 1st time its in the shop motor wise,both front u joints broke,(due to plowing ,hard turning,with the super long wheel base) Pretty happy with the truck overall(It cost me 81,000 with all the bells and whistles so I hope it lasts for 14 more yrs at least! BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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I was always a die hard Ford man till they came out with the 4.6 triton motors, then all bets were off. Never seen such junk forced on customers in my life.
I spent well over 15 years working on GM cars and trucks in dealerships an always owned at least two Fords much to my bosses dismay.
Long story short I was the one who fixed all them junk Fords that came in via trade or auctions and I've lost count on all the spring hangers and shackles I've changed not to mention how many stripped spark plug holes I've fixed, broken exhaust manifold studs extracted from v10's and 5.4's... the list goes on an on. Wait till you have to do a head gasket on one of these trucks and you find out the only way to get the heads off is to remove the cab or at least jack it up six inches.WTF !? Ford, who the hell thought of this? Must have been a rocket scientist after all the windshield is sloped like the space shuttle, oh wait that caught on fire too, maybe the same guy went to design for Ford after leaving NASA.
Poor steel is an issue but I personally won't own or should I say DISLIKE owning ANYTHING that has a power coating on it. Once it has a chip in it it will attract moisture like a magnet rotting out whatever it's covering. During the paint process all oils have to be removed for the power to stick then during the baking process whatever wasn't chemically stripped from the steel is baked off leaving it very susceptible to rusting.
Give me a nice enamel or oil based paint any-day over that crap.

Back to them Fords, Broken manifold studs....Easy fix - poor design.
The exhaust gaskets are assembled in a sandwich, most out of three layers of shitty low quality stainless steel. The two outer layers lay flat with the center having some ridges and bulges (ha,ha I said ridges and bulges). What happens is that the center layer starts to rust due to low quality steel and electrolysis between the cast manifold and aluminum head and expands between the two outer layers causing the manifold studs to sheer off just like you overtightened them. Something has to give...

As far as anyone that's had a spark plug shoot out of their Ford and it usually breaks the coil too... Well its comforting to know that there is only 3 to 5 threads holding in the plug in the first place. Why design a spark plug with an inch plus reach that's threaded all the way to only use 3 to 5 threads to hold it in an aluminum head in the first place? Must have been that rocket scientist again, Maybe he's too young to remember spark plugs blowing out of early VW bugs, maybe he's never seen a Heli-Coil, but I bet he knows what they are now.
I've fixed so many plugs I broke down and bought my own repair kit just for fixing friends trucks now.
Search for "TIME-SERT NEW FORD TRITON SPARK PLUG THREAD REPAIR KIT" Simply the best repair kit on the market for them Fords.

As for MY business I run two FORD Trucks the first I've built from the ground up an 1978 F-250 4x4 400 cid Automatic with a rack mount dump body and plow and an 1985 F-350 2wd mason dump 460 gasser 4 speed, It was a contractors truck that was used as a rolling dumpster for small jobs and only has 34,000 miles.
That said between the two of them I think I only have about $7,000 in them both, not to mention the lower taxes and insurance bills.
Don't get me wrong I'd love to own a new truck someday but I can't see spending $81,000 on a new one when I can build three or four of them just how I want them for that price.
Oh and when I buy that new truck I'll look at them Fords but will probably own a Chevy
AS for my daily drivers: The wife has an Volvo 850 Turbo wagon, I have a Volvo 740 Turbo sedan, a 1978 FORD BRONCO and a 1966 Kaiser-Jeep M35a2 Deuce-and-a- half...
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