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Rookie needs advice

I am 17 and have just started in this industry. My plan will be to target Large residentical Lawns. I will concentrate my efforts on "General Maintenance". General Maintenance will be defined as Mowing, wedding, Fertilization and hedge trimming. I chose these because I am familiar with all of them. The way I will Market my business is Simple "word of Mouth" and "Flier Bombing" in the neighborhoods were I already have Jobs in. "Flier Bombing" will be defined as Targeting a neighborhood or area and distributing fliers 3 or 4 times if necessary. The reason for this is if people see my Companies name enough they will become familiar with it and if they are familiar with it and possibly see my truck(s) with in the neighborhood they will feel more conformable giving my company there business.

This is Just what I have come up with so far. I wrote all this not because I wanted to show everyone I have a great business Plan but to get some feedback from some of the senior members of or anyone who thinks they can help me with some Ideas.

A few Question...
What is a good name for my business? Any Ideas? Is there any way that I can use the fact that I am a teenager and I am trying to earn money to make Car payments or saving for Collage etc. I would like to use this in My companies name. Like an example is that I know a guy who hires collage kids to paint during the summer and he Named the company something like Collage tuition Painting or something like that But anyways If anyone has some Ideas on a name or anything else that would help me It would be greatly appreciated!!!

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How about "Twister Lawn Care" or "Twister Property Management".

Good Luck!!!
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Old 03-22-2003, 12:33 AM
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How you market and promote your company is up to you.

I think if you are serious about the business and want to have a long-term presence, pushing the fact you are a college student may not be the best way to go. There will always be certain stereotypes that will go with your company name.

Reliability and professionalism is important.

Choosing a name can be many different things - your name, something relative to your area, particular plants or flowers or even landmarks, etc....
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Old 03-25-2003, 11:26 AM
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Lawncare04, Here is just a name for your business, Student Lawn Maintenance. When I was younger I worked for a company that was called that. You get alot of senior citizens as customers.
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Most people that I give estimates for/mow for think that I am older than I am. I am 17 and most people think that because of the way I run my business that I am at least 20. They are always surprised to find out that I am a junior in high school. This is the way it SHOULD be; I don't want to come across as a stupid teenager who is just trying to make some extra money. I want to come across as a responsible young man who knows what he's doing.
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For your name why don't you try 2 feet to the yard? Simple but some humor in it.
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If you are saving for college, make sure that your own business is the way you want to go. Once you start an entity like this up and running... walking away to go to school can prove to be MOST interesting, to say the least. I would suggest that you get a good paying job and save like that, a lot fewer costs that way, and not anywhere near as many committments or headaches.
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