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Retrofits, Improvements & Additions = A huge opportunity for you + LED lamps

As you well know, the number of installed outdoor lighting systems far exceeds the number of new installations that will occur in the next several years. This fact provides you with a great opportunity to increase your market share, client base and bottom line.

Attracting new clients and designing, installing and selling new lighting systems has rarely been more difficult. Although the signs of recovery are starting to blossom, many don't have room in their budget for something that is often seen as superfluous: Landscape Lighting (the icing on the cake)

You can however lead your market, attract new clients, and increase your sales by offering the owners of all those existing systems an upgrade to LED. By offering LED lamps, you can upgrade almost any existing system; making it more efficient and increasing the required service interval compared to incandescent lamps. Using LED lamps as a retrofit solution can also help to "fix" a lot of the voltage issues found in existing systems that were improperly wired or installed without having to tear the system apart

By offering LED retrofit lamps to your market, you will attract new clients who are looking to repair, maintain and enhance their existing systems as well as those who are looking to improve their system's efficiency. By adding these new clients to your business, you are also increasing the opportunity to offer them additions and alterations.

There are only a few limitations that would preclude you from installing LED lamps into an existing lighting system, and these are easy to identify from a quick review of the client's property.

For more information on the wide variety of LED lamps available, please visit www.illumicaregroup.com and remember that all of our LED lamps have been designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for use in Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting systems.
Illumicare Group Limited

Providing you with the best outdoor LED lamps
designed for the Landscape Lighting Industry.

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Well said James. Terradek is encouraging our contractor customers to consider converting existing Halogen systems to LED as they prepare for spring maintenance. The benefits for both consumer and contractor are hard to deny.

I personally have been on the fence about Retro LEDs, until recently. I now am of the opinion that the LED products currently available, from certain sources, are good enough to earn my support.

We are currently promoting Retro LED Lamp changes as the "service side strategy" for 2011.
Gerry De La Vega
Terradek Lighting Inc.
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Still waiting for a 35 watt MR16 retrofit. Any news or progress on this front?

Tim Ryan
Lite4 Outdoor Lighting
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Yes Tim, we do have some news... Our latest testing of our latest version of a new, brighter, 35W Halogen Equivalent LED MR16 is very promising. This lamp has taken longer than anticipated to develop but we want to get it right. The output is good, the optics are good, the thermal management is good and things are progressing nicely. We have some more testing to do, and once complete will be putting the new series into production. If all goes well, we should have product ready for market by late Spring 2011.

In the mean time, we are also moving forward with a fantastic line of PAR36 LED lamps. A number of people saw these in action, up against their incandescent counterparts, at the AOLP LAMP program. They will attest to our PAR36 LED's awesome performance.

We have a new, smaller diameter G4 Bi-Pin LED lamp in production now. This new 19mm Dia LED will fit into smaller format path light fixtures.

As always, all of our new LED lamps are designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for outdoor / landscape lighting applications. They are not "off the shelf", open sourced, generic lamps; like so many others on the market today.

We will keep you posted on product availability and rest assured, all of you here will be the first to know when we have new products ready for market.
Illumicare Group Limited

Providing you with the best outdoor LED lamps
designed for the Landscape Lighting Industry.

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I would be interested in a LED replacement for PAR 36 bulbs.
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Its going to be a hit. It looked absolutely amazing on the testing wall and I am sure it will look better in the field. No stirations with a nice even beam spread. I was REALLY impressed with that lamp.
I think that this is a no brainer if your still using or have PAR36's in the field. What a great way to reconnect with older clients.
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I think it is an excellent idea for markets that have matured to the point of having several quality installers for the past 10 years, where there is already high quality fixtures, transformers, and waterproof connections and good fixture placement already in place. I am certain in larger 1 million plus population cities a program of led upgrade is almost a given.

In my area however, I have yet to find a system with more than one of those elements in place. further, in the neighborhoods I seem to work in with a fair degree of disposable income, I am still only seeing one out of 15-20 houses or so with any landscape lighting period. so an led upgrade marketing strategy would probably not work for me. I am still in the "educating the public" phase about the need for lighting at all.
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I think vintage lighting looks great with older houses as well as new and its great more companies are starting to produce more of it.
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