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Originally Posted by DUSTYCEDAR View Post
oil really?
do you have a oil well bill?
you are waaaaaay too funny
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Hopefully, a more realistic political situation will emerge in Canada next year. I am pretty sure that a product like Dupont Imprelis would be a lot safer than Fiesta. According to my calculations, per 1000 sqft, Fiesta has to be used at 218 times the rate of Imprelis.
Imprelis has a very good environmental and safety profile. It won a "Reduced Risk" designation in the US. Good luck to our northern neighbors.
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Originally Posted by HayBay View Post
Its HayBay Mark.

Yes Fiesta only supresses 16 out of say 45 weeds.
Organosol supresses other weeds in the spring at 5 -8 consecutive apps, 2 weeks apart. Then repeat the process for the Fall.
If you apply fiesta in May and again in June (4 weeks later), you have used up the amount of legal apps per year (the label says 2 apps a year). Therefore you cannot apply 2 more apps in the fall.

They are changing the label to 4 apps from what I hear. Even though they have done studies in Ontario (Landscape Ontario, University of Guelph) saying that only 1 application was needed (when the product was first registered). Then the said 2 apps were needed. Now they are saying 4 apps are neeeded.

If you want some true advice you will find out that if you want to supress weeds with FIESTA you will need to spray every 3 weeks for the whole season, to kill Dandelion and a handful of other weeds. You will be living with thisle and many other weeds.
Organosol is another every 2-3 week product and it does not kill thistle either.

4 apps - 8 apps a year of FIESTA a HEAVY METAL (talk about environementally friendly)

Dr New Earth seems to be providing a tad of misinformation. That is not unusual from many Enviro Lawn Care companies that are just starting out. The most important thing before applying Lime is to get a soil sample and see if it is needed. Then try the products for youself before talking like the Neudorff salesman (fiesta manufacturer)
To say that 2,4-D is dangerous and then you go to the fridge and grab a bit to eat, Boggles my mind. Read more than what Misinformed Activists say about legally registered, safe Pesticides.

Nobody uses Fiesta on their food crops. Heck Germany doesnt even use Fiesta on their lawns. But they sell it to us.

If you are forced to use Fiesta (Pesticide Ban) then that is what will sell.

If you can use products like 2,4-D or Imprelis in your community, you won't even look at Fiesta because your competion will have a 99% weed free lawn and only show up 2-3 times a year to CONTROL weeds. You will be showing up every 2-3 weeks to SUPRESS some weeds at an inflated price. The customer is not stupid. He wants bang for his buck.

Stopping 2,4-D treatments on a lawn wont change health or the environment.
I recall reading that FIESTA is banned in Nova Scotia or Halifax already, for safety concerns.
You can use 2,4-D in Ontario? If so where do you find it? lol
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I have also heard that MSO mixed with Fiesta will encrease efficacy of the product. I guess it stands reason that it would since surfactants do that with a number of materials. The weed trials that support the label claims were done at Guelph as well as California. It's simple - you can't claim it on the label if you don't have independent research data to support the claim. They will continue independent testing in the US in 2011 to be able to add weeds to the existing label and to replicate existing claims. Hopefully we will have some folks weigh in that have had positive results with the material. Tech Terra as mentioned earlier does indeed have Fiesta available. Further information is available about the product. You can simply contact me at
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I applied Fiesta to dandelions on Mon., by Tues they had shriveled up and turned black and the flowers will not go to seed now. As per the label, another application will be done in 3-4 weeks.
Barry Draycott

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Phasthound - Thanks for the update!
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