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Old 06-06-2011, 07:09 PM
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Kohler says more then 1 acre a week is abuse on their engine!

Equip is a 2000 Lazer Z HP. Kohler command 20. Between 750 and 800 hours total on it.

A few weeks ago I was mowing my yard in a heavy mist. Soon it turned into a total downpour so I head into the garage. Later when its stopped I went out to start mowing again. Only it wont start. It will only click. Crap I say loudly. Put the battery tender on it. It gives a green light in no time. Hmmm. Turn the key and only get a click again. So I think I must have shorted out the starter selenoid. I go buy one. I have the shop test the battery in case. Battery is good (I hope so since it is less than a year old) get home put on the new selenoid thinking I am about to go mow - click. Shoot I say with some heart felt emotion.

Ahhh, PTO switch. Of course! Buy one. Home. Install. Gonna mow now! Click. Dag nabbit is came out of my mouth.

Today I called in to work so I could call the Exmark Help line. Spoke to 2 people there who were very nice and helpful. At least helpful enough to surmise that the problem was with the engine - not anything on the Exmark side.

I am given a Kohler 800-544-2444 number. So I call them expecting to he helped. HA! I say. (Lots of emphasis on the HA part.)

The guy tells me that he can help me find a service dealer to fix it for me. That he is not there to help me troubleshoot. I ask if he might have any idea what it might be. He says blown engine.

I say it is a rebuilt engine. The original engine blew with 350 to 400 hours (5 years in people time) and that Kohler paid for a new short block and I paid the labor. After all if I was a real commercial kind of guy I would have that kind of hours on it in a few months. Since I am a 4 acre homeowner it took a lot longer.

He said if I am mowing 4 acres with that engine I am ABUSING it! That their engines are not meant to mow more then 1 acre a week!!!! WHAT!!! 1 acre a week???????? I am trying to be nice still. However I could not help but to blurt out "What about the commercial guys who mow for 8 or 10 hours a day???? They are mowing WAY more then an acer a week, or an acre a day, or an acre an hour! My mower is rated at about 3 acres an hour by Exmark. So am I supposed to mow for 20 minutes then stop for 7 days????? Should I get on a 2nd mower, mow for 20 minutes, get on a third mower and so on??

They reply I got was that once I mowed 1 acre I had pushed the engine to its limit and that after that I was only abusing it so of course it would blow. And as far as the commercial guys go that is why KOHLER does not do warranty work for them after 30 days. They have used up the amount of acreage/hourage by then.

That is when he heard the CLICK of me hanging up.

1) I really think it might be the PTO clutch is shorted out.
2) I think I would have noticed that the engine was not running right when I pulled it into the garage if it was a blown engine.
3) If it is a blown engine I will NEVER EVER EVER have another Kohler engine again!
4) My 20+ year old 48" Lesco walk behind with a 14 horse pull start Kaw has WAY MORE hours then my Exmark. That Kaw has never had 1 problem with it. Starts on first or second pull. Even after sitting for a winter.
6) Kohler real warranty is by hour/time spent putting the hours on?????
7 Kohler does not do warranty work for commercial guys after 30 days???? Then why are people still buying Kolhers??????????

Cmon Kohler. Say it ain't so Joe!

I am about ready to sell this Exmark just to get rid of the Kohler Idiot on the phone today.

If you are looking for a low hour, garage kept, all maintenance done when/before it should be, extra sets of blades, Exmark let me know. Only problem is you get a Kohler engine in the deal.
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