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Boom with teejet nozzles or boomless nozzle!!!

So which gives the best coverage boom with nozzles or one boomless broadcast nozzle? Also consider the maneuverability that the boomless nozzle gives you? I need to buy a spray rig just for doing my own property which is about 1 acre total. I am thinking tow behind!!! What are my best options?

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I run a sprayer that has the capability to do both. The boomless assembly is the winner for fencelines. On open lawns, a short boom of say, 10 ft is the best for coverage and drift management.
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I use both a boom and/or a boomless on a tractor for large fields. Boomless is great for fence or around woodlands. However, in SC I use a rig that I built similiar to this but with a much larger tank for around $1000. See: http://www.rittenhouse.ca/asp/Product.asp?PG=1895
A tee-jet boom with this system will let you work in tight places, spray fertilize,herbicides or fungicides for an acre very quickly. But you must build it with a 50 gallon tank or larger unless you don't mind mixing. I've over in Kingsport, TN and if you need any help just PM.
Make sure that whatever you adapt, use Tee-jet nozzles. I used the quick extended but switched to the AIC with stainless steel inserts. They give much better drift control. If you decide to build a system, I have a new pump as on that link at half price still in the box.
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IMHO boom or boom-less depends on WHAT WHERE WHY & WHEN you are spraying. I think this question opens Pandora's Box.

WHAT: Is this a Herbicide or Insecticide?? Is this a Contact or Systemic??

WHERE: Agriculture Field or Pre-School Yard. etc etc??

WHY: Preventive or Curative??

WHEN: Wind & Weather considerations.

I have two Ride on Sprayers. One is a Add On to my Z turn Walker Mower. It is a boom Sprayer set very low to the ground (10inches) and only 48 inches wide. I use it to spray herbicides in small areas.

My second sprayer is a Toro Multi Pro that was once used on a Golf Course. I rebuilt it as a Boom-Less Fire Ant Sprayer. Because I am using Bifenthrin which is a Contact Insecticide I gave up spray width for Volume per Thousand. Contact need more carrier than systemics. Bifenthrin is a fairly safe product and Drift is not a Problem like a Herbicide would be. Of course in design it I used several different Boom-Less nozzles until I hit on the Ones I liked the best. I can spray 1 gallon per thousand at 30 ft wide or 3 gallons per thousand at 10 ft wide by changing nozzles. I stay with the 10 ft 3 gallons a thousand rate because I know that will cream Fire Ants or Chinch Bugs Etc Etc.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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I agree with the above posts. Set it up for both. Just build it where speed, psi, and output are the same. That way all you have to do is switch from boomless to boom. All mixtures can be the same concentration for either. Best of both worlds.
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