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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post
Not sure about Orlando, but IMHO over seeding a SA lawn with northern grasses is a bad idea down here. We have several properties where the HO's over seeded with rye. It grows at a different rate than SA. It can outgrow the SA so the lawns look shaggy, sometimes it grows so fast it goes to seed. When it's cut, seed is distributed throughout the lawn and has a tendency to come back up in cooler areas all summer long. It's a PIA, like Bermuda in SA or Zoyesa in SA.

At best it's a temporary fix. The SA lawn will look sickly when the grass transitions back to a more robust SA in the spring, and if the SA was sickly when you started, it'll still be sickly after it transitions.

Best to build and maintain a healthy & robust SA lawn incorporating a professional IPM program.

Just saying.
J - Everything you mention sounds like someone who did not know what they were doing to when the overseeded the lawns. one 50lb bag of rye seed can do as little as 5 K of turf or as much as a acre. The choice is yours.
If done lightly you can add color back into the landscape without overcoming the primary turf.
Even in circumstances where it has been heavily overseeded....the turf does fight back in the spring as the Rye melts away. The Rye for what its worth will add OM back into your soil too. Never a bad thing.
The thickness depends on you.
Here is the situation we are facing up here. Lawns are burnt and crispy. The are browner than hell. Now we can look at brown lawns - or we can paint them for what that is worth I guess, however a light overeeding will allow for a color at a higher profit margin. I would also guess that something growing in the lawn will be good to fill all those decayed voids - as if let to do it on her own - mother nature is going to fill it in with weeds.

By the way - No matter or Professional IPM Fert and Squirt Program is going to save a southern turf grass from temps experienced in the north. We mowed about 12 lawns this week out of the whole client base. It did not matter who cared for the lawn - what mattered most was the lawns exposure. Corner lots are the worst and interior lots are better.

Not sure what all the spray guys are out doing now. Seen some putting down Atrazine....seen others spraying the whole lawn - I would assume Fe or micro packages. Either way they are all out in full force...doing something to the lawn to justify there bill I am guessing.
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