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Old 08-18-2012, 08:54 AM
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Sometimes people realize how much of an arse they are being and calm down. You stuck to your guns and it worked out.

I had an employee who plowed snow for me one winter. He plowed 3 times then did 20,000 in damage to his truck just driving down the road. It was a back road that wasnt salted and no he wasn't plowing for me. Fast forward a couple a months we were well into the lawn season and he lost his day job and wanted to know if i could hire him. I was all set and didn't need him. This is when the stories started to surface, we were in a partnership, he got me my high end accounts, and i owed him thousand's from plowing. Well thanks to facebook i proved to everybody he was lying by showing them the pics he posted as well as the date he did the damage to his truck. Some people. I wouldn't hire him so he was going to ruin Me.
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Old 08-18-2012, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by TYTILIDIE View Post
These guys kill me. Here is the story. I had a guy working for me who was great at what he did but was extremely irresponsible. He broke things constantly to the point where I was questioning if he even cared. He took the truck home and things like that and someone slashed the tires on it while he had it there. I had to buy new tires. So that wasn't even what pissed me off. Two weeks ago I took my family on a one week vacation, I left him "in charge" and told him and my other guy the "deal" for while I was gone.

Here is "the deal". Since it was fourth July week, I wanted them to work Mon Tues and Wed so that they could grill and party or whatever they do Wed afternoon/night and not even worry about work on Thurs or Fri. We have roughly two days of mowing. We were a little behind on detail work so I thought this would be a great time to get it done. They could have gotten all of this done in three days. They work 10 hour days. So I tell them, you guys complete everything on this list and I pay you for four days even if you work two or three. If the list is not completed, you only get paid for you you punch in for on your time card.

Sounds like a good deal right? If I were offered that I would make damn sure it was done and done right. So what do they do? Work two days 9 hours each day, mow blow and go and THATS IT! No weed pulling, no rocks back in rock beds, no suckers cut from tree trunks, no limbs/leaves raked up, NOTHING! Further more, while on my trip my main guy would NOT answer the phone. I had ZERO communication with him the entire time I was gone.

So I get back from trip and realize what a disaster everything was while I was gone. To make it worse, the day after I got back he loses the phone (which I pay for). So after a whole week of debating, I decide to let him go last Friday. He asked me for his check and I told to call me Saturday and I would give to him when he brings me my shirts, sweatshirts and the phone. He was pretty pissed. Well, I never heard from him this weekend so I decided to send him his check (minus $110 for the phone and $100 for the shirts) certified mail. In the envelope I enclosed a letter telling him that as soon as he brings me my shirt and the phone he would be reimbursed immediately for them.

So today he sends me text messages saying how the labor board and the BBB are teaming up with him to help him sue me! He then proceeds to tell me what lame company I own and childish I am. So I replied calmly not getting heated or anything like that just repeating that I will give him his $210 when he gives me my stuff back. He continues to insult the phone, the shirts and my business. Well then he draws the line, tells me he is going to tell my wife (who is pregnant) that I said I was going to push her down the stairs because she is fat.

That pissed me off. I still remained calm and told him that if he says another word about me or my family that I would press harassment charges against him. He text AGAIN saying what a child I am and that kind of thing. Of course the whole time he is cussing up a storm and making ridiculous comments and accusations. So I decided to call the police and see if this qualifies as harassment. They said it does and I guess they are coming over to investigate.

It's really sad, the guy cold have at least said hey, I'm sorry I lost the phone, what can I do to make it up to you, instead he tells me I have plenty of money and can buy another one. **** THAT! I am sick and tired of people like this. Who do these people think they are? I'm sure if I have to go to court for this they will tell me to pay him the $210 but to be honest, that's ok because I am standing my ground on this one, why should we as employers get ripped off by employees who have attitudes like this? It's not right and they should not get away with it.

Here is the kicker, he is threatening to sue me for pain and suffering

At any rate, I'm done ranting, had to tell some people who know where I'm coming from. Maybe I'm wrong but I wasn't raised to take advantage of people I was raised to be held accountable and take responsibility for my actions.
First I think you already knew he was irresponsible, so if I were you I wouldn't have trusted him or any other employee on a holiday week. Holidays memorial day, 4th or labor are big grilling weeks yards must be perfect. As far as the fire. People can threaten suits until he files one I wouldn't sweat it, there is no pain and suffering, and labor boards don't deal with that. Going forward when you issue anything to someone that they would have to pay you for if not given back to you, you need to have them sign that the received it , date and value to replace should they not return it. I would not go back and forth go to the cops, wait for your stuff or the suit and move forward. Good luck
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