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Old 10-10-2012, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
The statement Jack made was generic answer, and I've dealt with enough people at Hustler when asking complicated questions to realize you can ask numbers of different people, and get numbers of different answers.

Now, let's get down to hard evidence as if it were presented in a court of law to be proven as right or wrong.

A Judge and jury will decide based on written documentation as to whether Hustler actually meant, but did not write in their advertisements or specifications as to the 15 mph top speed being used as a transport speed only. I can tell you from dealing with many legal issues over time that it would be decided by a court as to believing when Hustler wrote their advertisement, and to back it up even further, as written in their specifications, that they were portraying to the general buying public their mower was a machine used to cut grass at up to 15 mph. If this is not what was meant when legally describing what the 15 mph could be used for, then it would definitely been described as a "15 MPH Transport Speed," and if they had really been serious about making sure the buying public did not attempt to mow at 15 mph, they would have advertised as a "15 MPH Transport Speed Only."

To back this up even further, they would pull in so-call expert witnesses such as some in this thread that have already stated they mow grass at top speed on their Hustler Super Z when conditions allow. These people would sit on the witness stand and when asked the question of whether they use the 15 mph top speed more of the time for mowing, or more of the time for transport only, what do you think would be said. If I'm the one on the stand under oath, I would truthfully say, I use the mower at top speed for mowing grass 50% of the time, and for transporting approximately 1% of the time, or less.

Put me on the side arguing the case in favor of the 15 mph being advertised as a speed you can mow grass up to, and you others on the side of making the Judge and jury believe that although Hustler did not specify in their advertisements, or specifications, the 15 mph top speed was meant to be utilized for transport only, and actually would not cut grass at the listed 15 mph.

Now be honest, who do you think will win this case?
Something tells me that if he has sided with you, you would have told me "There you have it, straight from Hustler. Now do you believe it?"

Your court anaolgy is amusing with all due respect, but not a very accurate representation of how it works. You're not the only one here to have been involved in court cases before.

Re-read the man's reply to me. He does not say that it can't mow at top speed. He does say that it is designed basically for transport, but can be used under ideal conditions to mow when they present themselves.

I find it very interesting that you know Hustlers intent better than the man they have hired to represent them, and to answer questions like mine. As I said, if he would have told me I was wrong, you would more than likely have sung his praises and rubbed my nose in it. He didn't agree with you, so now you want to discount/discredit his statement?

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