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Old 10-12-2012, 11:14 AM
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Old 10-12-2012, 03:27 PM
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The outcome wasn't very good. First off be happy that your are not going back.

I don't see this working in your favor. The pool guys will be looking for any reason to hurt you. They could sabotage your work, or just make sure that you look bad.

If you have worked on a project were the contractor's doing the work don't get along you should know how hard it is to come out with your hide in the end. In this case no option but to walk away even if the owner wanted you to do the work, the pool work and the pool is reason you had the job in the first place not the other way around.

When you first start out you have to take on what ever work comes your way to pay the bills. After some hard lessons, and paying your dues you will get to the place were you are picky about what jobs you do and who you work for. You have to be paranoid about every project you do, think about all the bad that can happen and CYA. This will come with time and experience, ( money lost).

If it was easy everyone would do it.
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Old 07-01-2015, 07:01 AM
crusty_crab80 crusty_crab80 is offline
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So..3 years later. What happened with the project, the pool guys, client?
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Old 07-02-2015, 01:47 PM
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So can anybody pick out what was wrong with the installation? My mind goes through the steps everytime I see a failure so I can prevent myself from making those mistakes.

Photos don't show that much, so I may be making some assumptions, but here is my best attempt:

1. Wall below the pool: No sign of internal drain system or drain rock against wall face, inappropriate fill material behind the wall, no overland drainage scheme evident, Wall not designed for pool weight surcharge load.

2. Pool: I'm not familiar with the system used here, but if its an in-ground pool, it needed to be buried all the way around to be fully supported. If above ground, shouldn't be buried at all. If hybrid, not sure what the expectations should be. Was the pool installed on disturbed soil? Did they get dig out the organic soil if it was present (soil test would have dictated installation requirements if native soil was inadequate).

3. Balance of Hardscaping: Was the pool design able to support the weight of Quarry/Weston wall and steps so close? The fill up along the side to build up the patio? How does the patio drain? Are there internal drainage considerations for the Quarry/Weston wall to exit water and reduce its surcharge weight? Was weeping tile used around the bottom of the pool where it was backfilled? Did the pool design stipulate type or weight restrictions of compaction equipment or provide a list of approved fill materials?

Curious what anyone else could add?
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Old 07-02-2015, 01:53 PM
Mark Oomkes Mark Oomkes is online now
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We didn't get a landscape job around a pool, and I am thankful.

The top of the poured wall was about 18" below the pool deck\patio. Another side had a steep slope. 3:1 I would say.

The pool installer told her she needed a retaining wall.

We told her she needed a retaining wall.

She said she didn't have money for a retaining wall.

Gave her a 2 week time frame before we could start. She found someone else that could do it Monday. I said "No problem".
“Every step we take towards making the State the Caretaker of our lives,

by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”

~Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Old 07-02-2015, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Hope customer has a good lawyer. I can see this getting nasty.
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No Kidding... Even if not liable the insurance company is going to tie up some of the GL.... while the case is pending.
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