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Old 12-10-2012, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
At the end of the day the only person you are shortchanging is yourself. Rationalizing lower rates because you have lower than average personal expenses is just crazy. What happens when you have a family? Sit down and figure out what you are turning for a profit AFTER you pay yourself a fair wage, for all intents and purposes you are an employee of your business. I wish you luck dumpster diving with customers, myself I want to weed out the low payers for more lucrative opportunities.
first I will never have a family because that not something I ever want in my life.

second it's not that I don't want the higher paying jobs. but I'm against raising the market so high no one but the rich can afford to hire us just because we are greedy and wanna have our "toys" in life.

Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
The cause of the downfall

That's great and you know what, if this industry paid what it should most companies probably wouldn't mind cutting breaks to these people, or even servicing for free. But everyone wants to be treated like they're elderly or disabled!!

Fair for who? Why are people afraid and ashamed to make money??? Never have I ever understood "fair and reasonable" rates. You know how many products and services you probably pay for that you would consider unfair or unreasonable but still pay for anyways..... Also why should a customer always dictate what is fair? They don't even know what it cost you to run your business. They have zero clue what good equipment costs, employees, taxes, etc....

You're destroying someone's ability to create jobs and help others live a life who cannot get a decent job or even start a business. You choose to live with mommy and daddy and undercut a legit business who employess people and keeps them off assistance and gives them something to wake up for everyday. I understand your costs are lower but it's not like your a big business choosing to buy gently used equipment or more efficent stuff to reduce costs compared to the next guy. Sorry but that's shameful.
fair prices in the sense that people can afford us and we still turn a profit. it can be done. I know because I do it everyday.

if you wanna make $100,000+ a year for all your "toys" pick a career where that is a normal salary for the job. but don't try and jack up some market of another job.

service the elderly and disabled while the others pay outrageous prices.

I'd rather just have an affordable price for everyone. you must be a democrat. tax the hell out of the rich so the middle and lower class can sit on there @sses and reep free benefits the rich are paying for with there outrageously high taxes.

oh and who said I let the client dictate a fair price. you don't think I don't know what my cost of doing business is and that my prices aren't based off my cost of doing business.

well they are. they are based off my cost of doing business and what kind of profit I need to make. not what joe down the streets cost of doing business is or what he needs to make. that's kind of the whole point about what to charge. my cost of doing business is lower than a guy with 6 employees. the profit I need to make is lower than a guy with a wife and 4 kids.

I'm not gonna charge more just because I can. I'm not that type of person. I don't care if the going rate is $100,000 a year. if I only need or can get by with half that my prices will reflect that.

perhaps you don't know this is an every man for himself world. everyone wants to be there definition of successful in life and there going to do whatever it takes to do that no matter who's toes they step on.

Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
I always get a kick out of those who say I lowball because my cost of living is lower. Does that mean if you worked for someone else and the starting pay was $20 per hour you would offer to work for $10 per hour because your cost of living is lower?
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maybe you aren't directing it towards me personally but I don't lowball to begin with.

in my market I'm middle of the road on all my pricing. I'm not on the high end because I don't need to be. I don't have a family to support. it's just me, myself and I I charge what I need to turn the profit I need for things like food, heat, water, electricity. the things I have like tv's, iPads, Xbox, etc were all gifts on birthdays or xmas. I would never work to make enough for those luxuries on my own. they arent necessities in life. that's why I don't set my prices at the high end.

I'm not in a race in life to make as much money as I possibly can. only enough to live a comfortable life. and I've been able to do that with prices in the middle range of the market.
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