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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
Old old news, by way of public television. Rangers fired shotguns, I think, to scare off the birds from their nesting areas. The selenium was making for birds with birth defects.

Because California soil in the Central Valley was once seabed, it has seabed minerals in it, and ag watering washed them out of the top of the soil to the water that would build up deeper in the fields. The water buildup was mineral-rich to the point where it damaged crop roots if the water table rose high enough, so the farmers' remedy was to pump out the ground water and send it downriver.
Booty .... the boron & selenium problem is primarily a San Joaquin Valley problem, specifically Kesterson Reservoir historically speaking.
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The CLCA posted a link to this story on their facebook page..... It's an interesting read. It makes sense but I question the numbers.
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I have a lot of concerns regarding water conservation and best use of our resources.
Lots of things to talk about.

Dwindling Sierra Nevada snowpack due to climate change.

Environmentalist do-gooders wanting to remove Hetch Hetchy from the water system and restore that valley to wilderness.

How much water is being recycled/ reclaimed? Locally a lot goes into purple pipes and waters landscaping in industrial parks and gold courses (as I recall).

My grandfather retired his lawns in 1976, when drought first became part of our vocabulary here, and got into cactus and succulents and a few natives.

I haven't installed a sod lawn since 1996, after reading Cadillac Desert by Mark Reisner.

More later. Off to a job now.
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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
The CLCA posted a link to this story on their facebook page..... It's an interesting read. It makes sense but I question the numbers.
I wouldn't doubt it. I read a article a while back saying how many of the man-made lakes (which there are several near me) have increased severity of thunderstorms/rain fall. I'd believe this in a heartbeat because of what we call "lake effect rain" I live 20 miles from a large lake and a typical .25" rain here will result in a 3" rain there consistently. I'm not in favor of tearing down the damn though :-)
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