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Old 01-19-2013, 07:34 PM
Sean Adams Sean Adams is offline
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NEVER Hire an Online Marketing/SEO Company for Your Lawn & Landscape Business

I wrote this for my blog, but figured I would post it here as well...

I'm sorry to break it to you, but marketing and advertising online in the lawn and landscape industry is not that hard. This industry is like every other industry out there when it comes to utilizing the internet (and technology) to grow your business. But business owners in this industry rarely venture outside the usual web sites and magazines to learn how to do things for their business.

Usually staying within the industry makes all the sense in the world. But when it comes to internet marketing and advertising, this industry has a few people and companies trying to convince business owners that this is very "high-tech" and confusing and only an "expert" can do this work for them. They want you to pay them to do things that you can easily do yourself. On top of that, the internet, search and especially Google is always changing the rules, so something that "works" today probably won't work for very long. Talk about job security....

I'm telling you right now, without hesitation, whether you are just getting started in the business or you have been in business for years, it's nonsense.

Buzz words are used like "Social Media" and "SEO" and "PPC" and "ROI" and "Keyword Density" and "Multiple Web Site Strategy" and "Content Spinning" and "Exact Match Domains". Nonsense.

In fact, not only is most of it nonsense, much of what worked or was advised before is now actually penalized by Google since their new updates.

I cannot count how many times business owners have told me they paid hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars total for someone or some company who promised them the world and a "strategy" that ended up producing minimal results, if any at all.

Now the new "approach" is to tell lawn and landscape business owners that they should not hire those shady SEO companies who know nothing about them or the lawn care and landscaping industry. They are told they will waste thousands of dollars and instead they should go with an industry specific service that is a long-term commitment because it takes time to develop a presence online.

Although the last part of that sentence is somewhat true, it certainly doesn't mean you have to pay someone hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to make this happen.

Don't waste your money.

It's very simple. I will give you exactly what you need to know, right here for FREE. But don't assume this is me making this up. This is coming from these guys you may have heard of.... Google.

Literally, Google suggests that you do NOT hire one of these online marketing/SEO companies because Google is flat-out telling you that they are going to keep changing things and what works (usually deceptively) today, will not work tomorrow. And on top of that, your site will probably be penalized and pushed way down the results page, if not removed.

They also warn that if you are associated with an online marketing/SEO firm that is caught doing anything wrong or underhanded, you too will be penalized for the association!

Are there some ways to help boost your results online and a way to formulate a strategy to help grow and improve your presence online? Definitely, but it is not complicated and you should not be paying for it.

In another blog post I will describe these strategies in detail for FREE.
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