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Old 01-25-2013, 08:13 PM
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Hiring a model for door hanger duty and possibly more....?

Yes that's right....I’m considering running an ad for door hanger people in the modeling jobs section of craigslist or paper etc....? I'm willing to pay more than $8 an hour and more for the right person/persons + % commision.

Okay...hear me out on this. Males are viewed as more threatening and a potential risk. Even though I look clean cut, no tats or piercings... I’m 6’ 3” and potentially imposing walking up to a door. I often pick up on the caution yellow flag out there in body language and actions when doing my own runs. In our world now days males are viewed as potential threats and suspects. Females are obviously less threatening.

The last few years MY AREA has been hit with numerous home invasion tactics based on solicitation. People are generally very leery these days.

Just this last summer I was on my route in a more affluent area and the cops pull up and ask if I’ve seen a male in a blue jacket walking the neighborhood. Sure enough a few minutes later I saw a balding middle age slightly overweight male with a blue jacket getting questioned by the police. As soon as I saw him I could tell he was soliciting and/or doing flyer/door hangers. Case in point if it had been an easy on the eyes lady mid 20’s maybe early 40’s....? The cops probably would not of been called.

To reduce the apprehension factor for clients even when I show up for invited estimates at residence for the first time. I always knock and or ring the bell and step back down 1 or 2 steps. On numerous occasions I’ve had total strangers [new clients] on the spot pre-pay for XYZ with zero paper work. I do well on selling but the “ice breaking part” is tough for me.

The gym where I work out I saw a kid 17-19 ish walking in who carried himself well and he struck me as a good fit for what I'm looking for, clean cut, good persona, not arrogant or impossing and good energy. If I had fixed location retail store and he walked in asking for an application he’d probably get hired on the spot. In my past at regular time clock jobs....I would often get hired not far from this same manner. How on earth do you approach people in public for door hanger possible solicitation and not come across as a stalker or you’re trying to hit on someone....? Serious question!...?

Case in point I tried to hire a young lady a few years back in similar fashion who I viewed as a great fit+ for the job and I created a rather awkward situation.
  • What I’m looking for is someone who can do door hanger runs on a part time basis per hour pay with % commission on services anchored even if there is no selling or person home. Resident is home simple brief greeting here you go blah blah have a nice day. There has to be an incentive for good energy.
  • Plus for the same person possibly be open to do some onsite estimates [heavier commission +] for focused limited services possibly through out the year. It really is super easy sell service. Not saying what it is publically but I’m 99.999% confident it will sell extremely well and I will be extremely busy early on in the season. The specific properties can be easily spotted.
  • In a perfect world – I would like the same person be able to help with the actual work when avaible even if they have a full time job. If they are willing to work and have free time send me a text and meet up with me on the fly.
  • Now this will be even tougher. Ideally the person would live in the service area. I’m even open to single parents with a younger child maybe two along for the walk. Grandmas eat that up when they see it. This season I will be having my 12 year old son help me on Fridays doing just this since his private school has Fridays off.

Maybe my expectation are too high and I’m living in a dream world with utopian expectations.

Anyone have any success with this angle....?

I really need to have somebody lined up here fairly soon. Possibly more than one person.
Any input greatly appreciated.

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