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Originally Posted by hi_speedreed View Post
That guy was me. It seems everyone that answered was very defensive. I know it is difficult to have a conversation on a message board because people take things the wrong way but I wasn't trying to get a rise out of anyone, I really wanted to know. I have tried tobacco both smoke and chew. The smoke I never got past the first puff. The chew I liked but I quit. I used to chew while hunting but a job that did not permit it lead me to quit. Then I dipped snuff when I started this venture but I knew it was unhealthy so I gave up all tobacco June 2011.

To answer every person who asked me if I want to live forever, it's not about living forever. I know everyone will die eventually. Some drift off peacefully in their sleep. Some have accidents. Some have life taken from them by others. Some die relatively young from diseases that are preventable but have no cure. The local paper's obit section is full of people in their 40s and 50s who died from diseases linked to tobacco. I don't think someone who makes the statement they would rather die young feels the same way when death comes knocking.

To me it is about having a quality life in my later years. There is no activity I enjoy more than having my health. We will all get older. I want to spend my time playing golf, working in my garden, playing with the dog, hunting and fishing instead of laying in a bed hooked up to oxygen or worse. There is worse and I witnessed it.

I watched a family member who smoked die of esophageal cancer. His throat closed up and he had to eat through a port in his abdominal wall. He would get nauseous and vomit only he could not expel his stomach contents because it was blocked so he would lay in the bathroom and his stomach would convulse until it wore itself out. He was so thirsty but he could not swallow water, he could just roll it around in his mouth and then spit it out. He wasted away to a mere 93 lbs when he died.

I have no illusions of living forever but I am doing whatever I can to prevent dying like that. It was a horrible way to die and directly attributable to smoking.
Life is a risk, of course, but there are those who insist on tempting fate. I've known heavy smokers that seemingly are not adversely effected by the smoking. Our next door neighbor is a perfect example. He was a captain in the Army during WWII, so you can guess how old he is, and smokes like a chimney. However, it is much like jumping out of an airplane. Many do it repeatedly with no problems, but, occasionally, the chute doesn't open, and, well, I've often wondered what those people's last thoughts are on the way down. Perhaps something along the lines of "gee, I wish I hadn't jumped from that perfectly good airplane!"

Seriously, though. My Dad was a heavy smoker who died from a heart attack at 56. One of my wife's brothers died a few years ago from lung cancer at the age of 59. A lifelong smoker, he retired from a federal job with a good pension at 57, with dreams of spending his retirement fishing and going to NASCAR races. Instead, he died two years later, with the final year of his life being a living hell with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I doubt seriously that having an occasional cigar, or even a couple of cigarettes a day is likely to do enough harm to shorten one's life, but honestly, with all the information out there today about the harmful effects of tobacco, smokeless or otherwise, I, for the life of me, just can't understand why anyone would start smoking or chewing.
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