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I have my hair full of snow and its melting down my face and I don't think I could be any more pissed off today than I am at this moment! We have about 5 or 6 inches here atm now last year I let an employee with his friend plow my driveway to make some extra cash. So this yearcomes and this is the second plow event and the first was a disaster. Their f250 didn't have working 4wd back in Dec and aside from all the damage to my gravel driveway they barely got out they took like 4 running starts to reach the road. My house sits 500 feet from the road and 50 feet below it if that ant enough for ya my lower 1.6 acres sit another 30 feet below that.

So I saw that and spoke up about it an said you got to have 4wd to do this and they seemed brush it off. So 3 weeks ago we had a near miss and I asked and they said no and I said its not much anyway so no need. So 2 days ago I texted him and said do you have 4wd and was told its being worked on as we speak. I felt they put that off way to long but wanted this to work out for the guy so I accepted his word. Any ways about 2.5 hours ago they woke me from a nice winter nap and I looked out and saw that truck. And no sooner did I look than it became obvious they had no 4wd and they were already stuck on a slight incline and could not back up and all they were doing was sliding towards my house and new truck.

So I go out side and they decide for show they would now turn those 4wd locks they have on some trucks. All my rams its done in the cab but to each his own. So they turn them and guess what they still got nothing and I got to watch a comical series of events as they would yell at each other to help dig them out despite the fact they were not even stuck in snow just sitting on the stuff they packed. Out came the snow blower which is less then useless on gravel but that didn't stop them from trying. When they would use the shovel they wouldn't carry it out of the way they would just make mounds and future problems.

As it became clear they were never gona back up to turn I got in my 4500 with the 4wd and drove into virgin snow while pulling them up hill side ways from the hitch. So they got it free and than began 30 mins frightening attempts to do 5 mins worth of work with the truck now stalling every 30-60 seconds. At one point it sounded as if it was never to start again. So all the while its snowing and of course they did a poor job with the first push down hill so nothing is really done. And then comes the fun part they can not get out. so they try run number 1 they do not even make it to the middle hill which isn't that high so they fell short of the 2nd telephone pole and I 4 complete wire lengths with 3 polls on the drive and the 4th at the road.

So after their 4 or 5th failure I break down and call a guy on Craigs list figuring I might stop them before they lose the truck on one of their never ending long back ups down the drive. But then came the hillbilly ingenuity and one of them stood on the bumper and jumped up and down as the other floored it. Each jump they would gain 2 inches of ground and some how managed to claw their way out and then said well when the other guy gets it fixed we can come back latter. How about NOOOOOOO so the new guys are here now just a family that wants to make extra cash I got dad driving mom keeping him company and the son out side spotting hazards. I'm frustrated enough to want to buy a plow truck again.
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