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Exclamation Interviewing Potential Employees

For every lawn and landscape company that conducts a legitimate interview with a potential new employee, there are 10 that skip right over this process. Many companies in this industry will hire someone if they have a drivers license and a little experience. These are also usually the same companies that you hear complain that they can ever find good help and they experience constant turnover when it comes to their employees.

The interview process is not just for the suit and tie jobs. The lawn and landscape companies that take the time to conduct a legitimate interview usually end up hiring the best employees.

Here are some questions you may want to ask the next time you are conducting an interview for a potential new hire and why you should ask these questions:

1.) Tell me about yourself. This is a good way to find out about the person. Will they talk about how wonderful they think they are? Will they tell you about their personal life? It’s always interesting to see what people will say. Some people will eliminate their chances of being hired just from answering this question alone. Bottom line, is this the kind of person you want working for you?

2.) What are your strengths? Weaknesses? If they ramble on about how hard they work and how they are never late and how they are the ideal employee, this is probably a red flag. If they tell you they have no weaknesses, another red flag. A good answer is humble and honest.

3.) Why do you want this job? If they say they couldn’t find anything else, this is not a good start. If they tell you ow they love the industry, enjoy working outside and working with their hands and have always preferred this kind of work to sitting at a desk, they are moving in the right direction.

4.) Where do you see yourself as far as your career is concerned in the next 5 years? This question is interesting. If they respond and tell you somewhere else besides working for your company, why are you even considering hiring them?

5.) Why should we hire you? This will reveal quite a bit as well. Is it becasue they work hard, enjoy the industry and want to grow with the organization or is it because they think they are better than anyone else you are going to interview?

6.) What did you like LEAST about your last job? If you get answers like “working with other people” or “My boss was a jerk” you probably know the kind of perso oyu are dealing with.

7.) What do you kow about our company? It’s 2013 – everyone has access to the internet. If their answer is “not much” it means they weren’t even willing to take a few minutes just to Google your company to see what you offer, where you offer your services, etc…

There are millions of questions yu can ask, but these are good questions to start with. If you get the wrong answers or worse, you know you don’t have to ask too many more questions.

Obviously there are other things to consider as well: Did they arrive on time? Were they dressed presentably? Were they polite and professional?

Don’t be so quick to hire. Remember, these people are representing you and they are the key component to your company being able to grow and make a profit. Hiring just anyone will get you disappointing results most of the time.
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