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Old 02-25-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Lmatt57 View Post
Good info! I run all Wood"s mowers. Had the best luck with them and they seem to require less hp to run.I have run a 15" flex mower with a 35hp tractor but works it pretty hard in tall or wet grass. I use a 60hp tractor cutting bluegrasses and red fescue have no problems. I run about 6-8mph. Thanks for the Info on the Hustlers. My dealer just got a 104" Hustler in and am waiting to demo it. It's a beast! Problem you might have is finding a good used flex wing mower. I think anything you do will be expensive. I use to run a 84" finish mower on a 30hp tractor with no problems. I still like my tractors with cabs,ac,radio,and air ride seat. Note : the Hustler 104 was $26000.00.
I'm the one that ran the numbers an showed where I could cut as much grass with one 72" Super Z as with the Hustler 104.

The Super Z is a 15 mph mower, whereas the 104 is a 11 mph mower. We are going to take 1 mph away from each to use in the example.

A Super Z cutting 6' (72") at a speed of 14 mph with 75% efficiency (turning) will cut 14 x 5280 x 6' ÷ 43560 x 75% = 7.63 ac cut per hr.

A Hustler 104 cutting 8.67' (104") at a speed of 10 mph with 65% efficiency ( turn around time is longer) will cut 10 x 5280 x 8.67 ÷ 43560 x 65% = 6.83 ac cut per hr.

It is really hard to understand what speed does to a cutting equation unless you see the numbers.

One will say, there are places you will be forced to slow down from a 14 mph cutting speed, and this is true. But when you are forced to slow down with the 72" single deck mower, you will also be forced to slow down with the fold-up deck mower. The wings on the tri-deck mower will not take the beating of a single deck Super Z and hold up as well.

The above statements are only my opinion, but the numbers do not lie...
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Old 02-25-2013, 08:10 PM
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Thanks for all of the great information, guys. Need to do more research and actually sit on some equipment. Zero turns will certainly get more attention.
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