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Anyone use these pumps?

Was just wondering if anyone uses a pump like this to dispense product into a smaller measuring cup? Trying to pour from a 1 gallon jug into a small measuring device is a pain. Usually mixing into a 3 gallon backpack or sometimes a 1 gallon hand sprayer.

Is this a bad idea or any recommendations as to what to use besides something like this? Using it for speedzone, drive, Q4 etc.

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ummm, anybody?
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I never have, but it looks like a smart way to do it.
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It might work for awhile but I would be afraid some of the herbicides would damage the seals and I would definitly still use a measuring device and not trust the 1oz per pump.

Have you ever thought about the containers that you squeeze the liquid from the big part to the small calibrated part. I forget what they are called but they are sure nice to me when mixing small stuff.
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I probably wouldn't use one for the gallon jugs, but the 2.5 gallon I might. They're just plain too heavy to be pouring into a small measuring cup.
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These tip n pour containers work very well.

However you run the risk of losing the label and related instructions. And there is the risk of no label or mis-labeled containers
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Well I appreciate everyone's responses. I was just having a heck of a time pouring out of the gallon container without having product drip out from the opening and down the side of the container. Doing it many times a day really adds up.

I agree, and my exact thoughts were that any seals on the pump would break down due to the chemical.

I really like the idea of that squeeze bottle with the small measuring chamber, kind of like the liquid talstar comes in and the one Riggle posted in the first link and what Turf Dawg suggested.

I think that might be the way to go. I can fill the squeeze container up at home from the one gallon or larger container with a funnel and then work all day just using the squeeze bottle with measuring chamber. I have all my labels to products I use saved to iBooks on my iPhone in PDF format so all the pertinent info is always with me.
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Agree w/ Riggle, tip n pours are the standard for backpack filling. As far the labels go, copy your big bottle (or find the label online), shrink to fit the size of the tip container, have it laminated and clear packing tape it to the bottle. that way you'll always know which is which and it will be a visual match for your large containers when you refill, making it far less likely to refill with the wrong container if you are carrying multiple products.

Put them all into a plastic box to keep them from bouncing around and add full size, laminated full labels on a ring for reference and that should have you in full compliance, full convenience and fully equipped to go and do your thing without lugging gals, 2 1/2s or larger into the field.
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