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Kind of mower also determines how the grass reacts to the height of cut. The pro baseball fields are mowed at less than 2" with a reel mower. It has been my observation that a rotary mower is not a good idea at low heights of cut. Might have something to do with how a rotary pulls things up and it does not cut things, it tears then.
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Beyond the depth of the root growth isn't there something to be said of the spread of the root growth as well? Are cool season turf grasses similar as trees and shrubs where the rule of thumb I've always had in my head, whether it's true or false, is that the roots are as wide as the branches themselves?

Using this idea by mowing your lawn taller it allows the plant to have greater spread there by allowing the roots to spread, gaining more surface area to access nutrients and water.
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Roots are bound by access food, water, air and space below the surface... They will continue to grow and seek out more space as long as they are not hindered... KBG will continue to put out more rhizomes and new grass blades as long as it is not hindered...
Not sure what a rule of thumb would be when the grass can be 6 inches tall in a week or 2 and how it would translate into the visual imagery of roots doing the same thing... the smart thing to do is to open up the ground and look...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
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I'm going to experiment with this on my front lawn and force it hyper green and will mow sections short like the rest of my peers do in the area.

Lowest mowed area will be 2.0"

I need a photo op for my Fall Aeration marketing anyhow.

It will not be a fair comparison [current state of roots] since the grass has been.mowed in the 4"-4.5" range most of the season.
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Originally Posted by ChiTownAmateur View Post
The short version is that the height of the cut in large part determines how deep the roots will go. YES there are a million other considerations and this is a very, very short version of it all.

But if you mow at 2", the roots are probably around that depth, if you mow at 3" they are about 3" deep. Watering, fertilizer and other practices have a huge impact.

But the gist is that deeper roots are able to access water below the surface, allowing for more drought resistance. Root growth slows greatly in hot weather, but roots are always trying to regenerate.
I'm not sure that I would link mowing height and root depth as a 1:1 ratio. When I worked in golf, I would mow putting greens at 0.115" and get roots 8" deep. But, the concept you getting at is usually accurate -- higher mown grasses usually have roots that extend deeper into the soil.
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