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New lawn and an existing lawn issues

2 issues here and want to hear your advice.

#1...... I established a new lawn for a new customer back in early September. They had a hard, compacted, weed and crabgrass infested property. Killed everything off in August, tilled it up, graded it etc. in Sept. Lawn came in very, very nicely and thick too. They said they are pleased and it looked better and thicker than they thought it would be.

I was out to do a follow up fert app and noticed that the new lawn has a real widespread number of weeds. Mainly henbit some oxalis and sprigs of some grassy weeds. I'm assuming these were weed seeds already in the soil? The homeowner inquired about killing them. I advised that the new lawn needs to be cut at least 3 maybe 4 times before I can spray any type of selective herbicide. He just made the first cut about 1 week ago. By the time the 3rd cutting is made it will probably be early November I'm thinking. You think I should just wait until next spring when I am doing pre M treatments to "clean up" anything remaining? Or, I'm thinking that they will just die out with the first frost which is usually in late November around here? Im just very apprehensive about spraying anything on brand new turf in what would basically be a blanket app due to the wide spread nature of the weeds. Was thinking Q4 or maybe Solitaire since there are broadleaves and some sprigs of weed grass starting.

#2...... A customer who I picked up last October. Renovated their existing lawn. Triple aerated last fall, brought in a compost soil mix and raked over aerated area in some spots, seeded, lime, fert. Came in pretty decent. During this year a lot of the turf just died and areas were bare. Basically due to them letting leaves pile up thickly on the new turf and not removing them fast enough is my guess even though I made it clear not to let that happen. Turf never really got strong because of the shade so it was thin to begin with. Started up last March again, did all my Pre M's etc. Because of the thinness and all of the rain we have gotten I am sure those Pre M barriers basically broke down and many more weeds than normal started taking back over.

I did several spot sprays this year. Unfortunately they have some areas of Dallis and Wild Violet in addition to other broadleaves which are infamous when it comes to suppression/control. I did spray some triclopyr on the violet as well as Q4 on everything else. Dallis is just going to be an issue at this point. Not wide spread just some clumps here and there.

I aerated and over seeded this property about 4 weeks ago. I used a seed blend specifically for shade this time. Was there to do a follow up fert app a few days ago and noticed that the seed I spread came up "just ok" but nothing great. I spread it at 7lbs/1000 I think when I was there in September. Well, when I showed up a few days ago I noticed Wild violet again along with a few sprigs of a grassy weed, oxalis and this damn mat of weed I've killed before. I think I ended up identifying it as creeping charlie. The homeowner emailed me and asked if this was normal. I advised her it was not and that more than likely was due to the excessive rain we received this year and the pre m barrier breaking down and essentially washing away. I felt bad and it does look bad in my opinion. I went out and bought another 50lb bag of this high quality shade seed and went over the entire property again and put the seed down thick. I did not charge for that. I feel it should look better and if I was in her position what would I want? I'd want more seed put down at no charge to me so that's what I did.

Do you think I should just do what I said in scenario #1? Which is, just wait until next spring to do an "clean up" sprays. Especially since I just put all that new seed down and the remainder of the other seed just germinated recently and it doesn't appear they have cut? I'm just mad because I take a lot of pride in my work and this irritates me. I do have several other properties that look great. Thick, weed free and healthy. It's just frustrating so I thought I'd like to see what others think.
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