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Originally Posted by GreenI.A. View Post
We have been doing a 4 day work week aswell. For me it was simple math. Before the guys were working five days. It takes an hour in the morning to get out the gate and make it to our job sites. Then figure a hour drive back to the shop in the afternoon, and a half hour to unload and load up for the next day. With an 8 hr day we were only on the job sites for 5.5hrs, that's only 27.5hrs a week. Now we do four 10hr days, with the same time constraints we get 7.5 hours of production a day, which is 30hrs a week.

Working Monday-Thursday is great. We do a lot of 2day irrigation and lighting installs. So we usual schedule one to start Monday then a second for Wednesday. Same with small softscapes. On large construction jobs During the summer we find that a lot of our customers and their neighbors work a 4day week or work from home on Fridays, so they enjoy not listening to our equipment and saws as well.

Another huge benefit is when we need guys to work overtime. Guys are a lot more likely to volenteer to work ot on a Friday than they are on a Saturday. Guys are also less likely to call out for appointments since they have a weekday off to do them. They don't have to take a morning off to go to the dentist or to the DMV, one guy is about to have a baby, his wife schedule all the dr appointments for Fridays. It's definitely been a huge win-win
It's amazing what you can see when you sit down and break the numbers down. And even if we exceed 40 hrs and pay overtime in 4 days - we're still saving money.
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so in switching to the 4 day work week does you crew automatically assume if it rains on a Weds that they'll be making the time up on Friday?
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Hmmmm. Thought I already said that.

Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes
Your argument falls flatter than a 3 day old roadkill squirrel.
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Originally Posted by BrandonV View Post
so in switching to the 4 day work week does you crew automatically assume if it rains on a Weds that they'll be making the time up on Friday?
That will be the rule. It gives us a buffer to stay on schedule and also a day to perform if we really need to do a 5 day week. Reduce to 4, hire more crews and run things not so wide open. It will allow all of us, crews and office, to relax a little.
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Wow, just finished up the whole thread..... What a ride! What an education! I have been in the industry for over 15 years but I just started my own company this past year. Reading your thread has been really beneficial for me and quite frankly, any aspiring business owner out there who is not reading your thread, Jarod's thread, Pro's thread, is blowing it. I just have to say that seeing how you have adapted, persevered, and grown is truly inspirational.
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Well thank you Armsden&Son. We've had our ups and downs and certainly have our own issues but it's been a fun ride and we're making it happen.

At the moment we're working on our processes in the office to better ourselves for next year, identifying other issues w/ corrections and working on equipment. Now if it would just warm up a little between snow storms so our guys can get some hours......

The fun stuff: International went in for paint, SNG is shipping in a week, plow/spreader arrive this week and we should have it on the road by the 2nd week of January (closed between the holidays). Also picking up two more box trucks and assembling them. Get your tax deductions while you can!
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It's blue now, hoist is here and about to get mounted + plow, boxes, fenders, logo etc......
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I sent you a pm sir
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I taught Mr. Todd everything he knows....... He's a special guy!
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