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Bed pre for spot spray mix

Taking a shot in the dark. Anyone use a pre with there spot spray gly mix for beds when mowing? Wondering if all the spot spraying we do that by mixing a pre we might catch up on some weeds.

Anyone have a very cheap and effective pre blanket mix on beds? I have been weary of this upsell as I have not found a good mix that works. Could be my misapplication through the volume of a backpack or just not scheduling the frequency correctly.

A good bed pre might save my guys 5 minutes a lawn or 2-3 hours per lawn per year.
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Barricade + Gallery. Saves a lot of time going after emerged weeds later. Applying glyphosate and a pre kind of wastes the glyphosate because you will be applying to areas that do not have weeds.
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Thanks green doc. There was a part of me that thought maybe I could mix up a pre with my gly and when we go around to spot spray beds and drive cracks they would get treated. Over a few weekly mowing trips we could eventually get the majority of the bed.

Anyone used conterted the stihl 450 mist blower to spread freehand or snapshot? These seem to be the best over the top products and I could probably get away with one spring app of snapshot before fall and cold weather comes.

My problem is the cost. I can't seem to upsell bed pre or even preventative fungicides. Welcome to my market!M
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I assume you include bed weeding with regular mowing? I guess you need to factor in the costs of a pre and post spraying when you give a mowing price. For me mowing & bed maintenance are separate. Maybe try pendi if cost of gallery breaks the budget, it covers more broadleaf than barricade from what I understand. A fall & spring app might save you a lot of time weekly.
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We got the same problem when beds are not mulched. We send out a guy with RU so I was going to add stone wall Pre-M and just haven't got around to it. Been a little concerned about doing this as well as using Cut less 33g
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I've had pretty good luck with Freehand. You still have to spot with Glyphos a little through the season but much less than if nothing was done and honestly, nothing seems to last long enough in un-mulched beds...
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