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Old 05-18-2014, 04:26 AM
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In the past, I have worked for a landscape company, garbage truck driver, and other small businesses. Those companies were great for a needed JOB at the time. When something else with more pay or better hours came up, I would jump ship. There is a difference between a JOB and a CAREER. I've been in my career choice now for nearly 13 years. I do a little landscaping on the side and have not figured out yet how I can grow that and manage the rest of life too. So for now I will just do the little bit of lawn service that I do because I enjoy it. However, I do not know why . Maybe it's the self satisfaction to see a job well done and a satisfied customers compliments?

I think these military guys do not last long because they want to feel like what they do for work will take them somewhere or has a greater purpose than a paycheck. How much room is there for promotion or raises with a small landscape biz? I appreciated the jobs I had over the years but I was never going to go anywhere within those companies. I was a laborer, period. I would hope that these military guys have higher aspirations than just running a mower for someone else for the rest of their lives. What most are seeing when they apply to your company is a needed JOB for the time to get life started.

Now that I am "the boss" of the little lawn work that I do, I feel there is a greater purpose to it. I would not expect somebody I hire later to feel the same purpose for the work that I do.
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Old 05-18-2014, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by BowmanR View Post
LOL. Guess you didn't really read my post. People are POSTING THE UNIT these people are from NOT THE JOB THEY PERFORM in said unit.

The OP didn't say I am hiring RANGERS nor did he say I've hired JUMPMASTERS.

People are listing the UNIT these people were in as if THE UNIT they were in was relevant. YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT. There is supply/commo/drivers etc etc etc etc etc etc in THE UNITS THEY LISTED.

There is a huge difference when hiring a retired jumpmaster from 82nd and hiring a 24 year old supply specialist from 82nd.

The fact remains there are many many more shitbags in 82nd airbourne than hard working strong minded individuals AND THAT'S A FACT no matter what your opinion is. I met all of the above in America as well as Iraq, special forces etc etc etc. Stop lumping everyone together, just because you were 101 or 82nd blah blah doesn't mean you are a hard worker and are going to be a good hire for a landscaping crew, FACT.
Supply clerk? 92 Y?
MY supply clerk for a few years back at Bragg was a Somali vet.
a 92Y that humped an m249 SAW through 24 hours of nightmare combat.
People gave him crap about his ranger scroll on his shoulder because he's a unit supply specialist, how could he get a ranger scroll?
Uhhh that's because he went to combat with the unit he was assigned to, 75th Ranger.
IF you are assigned to a light infantry unit and deployed like that…it doesn't matter if your job is toe nail picker…you better shoot straight if you expect to come home, because you aren't making coffee.
Heavy units, like big red one, 2nd Armor, 7th Cav all have a 'posse' in tow. Light infantry deploys faster than that posse can mobilize, in the case of 82nd/Rangers (airborne) that's ANYwhere in the world in 18 hours or less.
so for a line unit with an Brigade HQ sitting on Ardennes Rd, your 92 Y, Unit armorer, lead medic and commo jerk ALL go with you.
In the old days your air force liaison/ forward air controller, went with too, now they deploy separately.

So it depends entirely on WHICH commo guy, which supply guy and which armorer we are talking about. Not necessarily what your job was.
My mess sergeant Also did combat with Ranger Batt.
6'3" Big black guy, wall of muscle, 52 inch chest, 32 inch waist, arms tat would rip a Tshirt if he inhaled too deeply…tower of power on his left shoulder (airborne, ranger, special forces) and a ranger scroll on the right.
try getting an extra banana out of that guy, it wasn't going to happen!
Was he an S-bag because he was a cook?
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Old 05-18-2014, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
I don't get it. During the past 5 years, we hired 4 vets.

Air Force (1)

101st Airborne (1)

82nd airborne (1)

Army National Guard (1)

Two of the above were "released early" while the other two "did the basic minimum".

Lord knows if anybody respects this Country & its military, it's us. Even have a son-in-law in the 82nd (Major). Now we have an applicant who served in the 101st -- thinking about hiring him.

The Air Force guy lasted about 1 1/2 years. The rest lasted less than 4 months.

Can anybody figure this out? I sure can't, and we are not hard on the guys compared to other LCO's. Totally weird to me. Any reasons why vets get lazy & don't show up for work?

Government uses them like disposable dogs.

All the meds and injections they have to be shot up with affect them very badly.

PTSD is the most common scenario and this sh!t Gov. could care less about their treatment or helping them.

They want the best of the stock to disappear so they can bring in other nationalities from other countries to replace true Americans which they succeeded in doing, via eliminating them in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer, (1788 – 1860)
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