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Old 08-12-2014, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post
Even though I had hoped for a better experience this time, I'm about to disappear from this site again for the same reasons I left the last time... But, for now, I'm still here so I would like to ask this question: Some of you guys/gals don't seem to understand the fundamental rule of "supply and demand" nor do you understand the concept of competition among businesses as it relates to pricing. When someone comes along that is willing to provide a better product at a lower price, I tend to believe that he is on a mission with the understanding that volume sales is a much better way to gain market share rather than "hype" or misleading statements regarding quality. Lighting manufacturers have been getting away with charging outrageous prices for materials for far too long... Even at your wholesale prices, does it really make sense to you that a brass fixture that is no bigger than the palm of your hand should have a MSRP of $225 to $350? Seriously!!! Think about that!!! Also, are you going to get mad and pitch a childish fit because bulb companies sell to consumers other than LV lighting guys?" Maybe bulb companies should obey your rule of exclusivity as well? Certainly, their not doing so would hurt the industry as a whole, wouldn't it?........... Simply pathetic and I'm really sick of the cry babies. I'm starting to understand this completely, and my conclusion is that the people who make the most noise about this subject are the ones who understand that their talents simply aren't enough to demand the ridiculous prices that they have been able to snowball people with in times past. When any potential client has the ability to confront them on their prices, I honestly believe that they simply don't have the nads to look them in the eye and say: "yes, the cost of materials is only 20% of the proposal..... the other 80% is because I think I'm a God of lighting." Give me a break!
And Solecki, would you please just shut up? You really make it harder to enjoy the other contributor's point of view..... Thanks..... I did say please by the way.
Good post.
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