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Old 11-17-2013, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by THORNTON SERVICES LLC View Post
Having a business with employees is difficult , if you do it right you need to go big quick or stay solo , I would think that it would be much easier to sit back and have a office person do all paperwork , and employees do all the work and you get paid basically to be the boss and do some selling. The numbers will reflect much less prfit per person than your solo op , when you are solo you basically maximize your situations , your employees will not do this , that does not mean they are bad people they just need to have things more organized for them etc , most of us had a job somewhere before we started our business and how many of us can say we worked as hard for our employer as we do for ourselves I cant and most of you probally cannot , that's because we don't you will never work harder for someone else than you would for your self doing something you want to do. I think having a realistic expectation of your employees is the first step to success , now me for the record I am a solo op I have been turning down business for the last couple years , but I am not in a position YET where I want to go all in and make the commitment , I want to learn more and get more organized first , and I may never get employees cause you can run a fantastic operation low stress avoid all the gov state BS by just being solo So its a decision for each individual , but don't expect an employee to come in and run as much as you did not going to happen , and if you need 2 helpers hire 4 cause 50% will quit , I usually pick up some help here and there every year colledge guys etc , if I found the right people I would employee them and make the move instantly , but in a colledge town a lot of people here come and go help is hard to keep and a good helper will cost you a fortune , so be prepared for this all markets are different some markets have workers and no work others have work and no workers , I have lived in both so it is different everywhere you go I don't believe this debate has a solid clear cut best approach. Do whats best for you.
I may be the only exception for this. When I was a younger man I worked for a boss that treated us so good and motivated and paid us so well that we wanted to work as if it were our own business.

He used to say, I want to pay you guys so good that you can't leave, even if you hate me. But of course I left anyway. I wish that I stayed there back then. I would probably have a nice easy drive around and check on the guys job by now. Hindsite=20/20.
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Old 11-17-2013, 09:31 AM
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I didn't bother reading what everyone else said but make sure you figure in that because you are working solo you are paying yourself instead of an employee. So if you Payed a guy 10 a hr then make sure you considering every hr you work as a 15 a hr expense to the business. Then deduct your salary for being the owner ontop of that. When you mix business profit and personal profit the numbers look really good. For me it cost my business 300ish a day to operate if I include paying myself. If not then Ya 120-150 a day.
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