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Old 08-11-2013, 10:05 PM
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yes! they do do a great job at fixing major issues quickly, one thing i'd like to see is a small 10-20 word description of what each condition code is on the tablet so my tech know what it is???.....what do you think about that? right now the condition code "brown spots" the tech dont know if its talking about fungus, or if customer needs to water more.....i think a slight quick description on the tab would really help dont want to give them any more printouts of things to carry in the truck...
you get to the users conferences??
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Old 08-12-2013, 11:44 AM
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I don't have this software or a tablet.
Why would you have to enter the start time? Doesn't the computer know what time it is? Plus when the tech is finished he should be able to just touch "Done" and the time is recorded. Couldn't wind speed and direction be downloaded from some weather service website--automatically, (and more accurately). Likewise the temperature should be sensed and recorded automatically. There must be an ap for that.
Couldn't the normal chemical and solution be pre-printed on the record--so that the tech just has to touch to accept it--or choose from a dropdown list if another product is being applied?

Now the amount applied--that is a bit difficult to sense automatically--someone, somewhere must know how to do it.

For temperature.

For wind speed:

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Old 08-12-2013, 11:55 AM
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yes.. the start and finish time are done automatically....i was referring to writing it by hand
there is a button for each wind speed 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, so you only hit the button and it is sticky from the previous job so if they wind is about the same you dont have to do anything. as well as the temp we only change the temp about 3-4 times through out the day
yes the product that is being used that day is in the drop downs on the tab, and is connected to the size of the lawn and will give you the amount that your should ob used on the lawn. but if my tech comes to a lawn and uses 2-3 extra chemicals to treat an issue on the lawn that is not typical he has ability to record them products and quantities as well leave a customer note to customer about what he did.

you should buy the real green software and get set up. and no i dont work there.....
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