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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
This post seems to have upset one particular professional individual here at lawnsite. So much so that the professional has subsequently followed me from thread to thread and has posted well crafted, borderline, harassing and sarcastic posts directed towards me.
Who would that be? The nerve of someone stalking you don't you worry Andrew, we'll put an end to him.

I have participated in this forum for many many years. I have written extensively sharing knowledge, experiences, passion, and my opinions. I have shared stupid mistakes I have made, and I have shared some damn good decisions I have made. All while doing so, I also share some personality. Many here view my personality far from what it really is, and I'm ok with that, I kinda like it. And others here view my personality as I am - a person that works hard, enjoys life, and doesn't really take himself seriously. Life is short, being happy is always a MUST. There are some members here that know me in person, some members here that know me from e-mail communications, and some members here that are Facebook friends.
a sorry Andrew, I don't do Facebook so I can't be "liked" or "unfriended". Bummer, heavy sigh.

In the post quoted, I wrote: "And speaking of pools - make sure you're grounding the pavers." "Grounding the pavers" was a mix up of my mind, and is NOT what I meant. Folks - lets be real we all know you can not ground pavers, at least not that I personally am aware of. And I believe RJ realized I wrote incorrectly when he made the good natured joke about using "tin foil". What I was referring to was what Custom Patios mentioned in another thread - equipotential bonding grid.
custom patios post came a long time after my post referring the forum to mike holt forums and his topic of stray voltage and equipotential bonding. This is not the first I have posted a link to mike holt or equipotential bonding. (You drink milk don't you?, watch the link)

I merely made a brief comment with nothing but good intentions. If memory serves me correctly, it was as myself and my son were heading out the door to a destination 3.5 hrs away for the weekend. The comment was done on the fly, and done as a busy week was approaching. I made a brief comment and left it at that.
you actually made a post reply or two before leaving the site so, you prolly did know what was going on.

After a few hundred business threads that I have expended a lot of time creating - I think I am allowed to make a mistake. Just as a person made a mistake by thinking I was at a party where the aforementioned electric shock took place, as he incorrectly made mention of this at least two times. And just as a professional here made a mistake by chasing me to another thread and purposely changing the subject and claiming to know what I have time to do and what I do not. Ohh the humanity!
don't try spinning the responsibility to others, you're a big boy. You prolly know as well as I do that we're only as good as our last joke, last meal, last job or our last comment. Jumping from champ to chump is as easy as turning over in your sleep.

I do spend roughly sixteen hundred (1,600) hours around swimming pools each year (+ or -). I do not build pools, nor will I ever, nor do I pretend to build pools, nor do I have any interest in building pools. I will never ever build a pool. I hear stories from people practically daily. I do see with my own eyes all the details of how they are constructed and how they are grounded. I am not completely in the dark.
there we go Andrew. You've stated many times that your crews work four tens, Monday through Thursday, 1600 hrs a year is a full 40 weeks, when do you have time for your non pool related business. You've said in a number of posts that hardscape is a small portion of your business. Sounds real small if you're working on pools for 9 months out of the year.

I think most of us "professionals" are here at for the same reason.

I am sorry if my wrong-worded referenced post upset anyone. I was merely trying to give a short and sweet, quick shout out to a serious issue that most guys working with pavers do not even know exists. I typed. closed out of the site. Turned the laptop off. Stood up. Put my shoes on. And walked out the door. I didn't realize my post was going to upset anyone. Again, my apologies.
it's not what you said, it's what you didn't say. A simple that didn't come out quite right would have sufficed. Everyone would have laughed and moved on.

Rather than standing up and taking a little crap from the sidelines you bowed up and even now are trying to pass this off on others.

I know that pavers themselves cannot be grounded or bonded but, if one were to place a bar of iron in the brick coping a four point equipotential ground would be required in my county and state. The steel would be bonded to the shell reinforcement and a #8 copper wire run to the pad. That's what an inspector and I just had a nice long discussion about the week before this thread started.

DVS, if you think that I would stalk you from thread to thread merely to harass you, you're wrong. I stop by the hardscape forum on ocassion just to see how the other half is doing and you just seem to post in most threads, luck of the draw.

Here's a hint, one may consider himself successful but it's his peers that validate his success, without peers, the only one cares is your mama.

Best of luck and don't catch your death skinny dipping!!!!
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might be time for the two of you to try "avoiding" one another. ..or at least agree to disagree on some things?

either way, no need to keep going after one another as such

Michael J. Donovan, Sr.
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I love it!!
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so i went and drilled each paver and imbedded a penny in each since they are copper, then I laid it on the tinfoil sub base and staked that down with galvanized spikes, are my pavers grounded enough?
RJ All Day
Masonry and Landscapes
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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
so i went and drilled each paver and imbedded a penny in each since they are copper, then I laid it on the tinfoil sub base and staked that down with galvanized spikes, are my pavers grounded enough?
Holy crap! How long did that take? Lol jp
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