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Old 03-31-2014, 08:33 PM
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Fs 94

I've had mine about a month and haven't used it much but can tell I'm going to like it. I've used the FS 100RX for several years as reference. The 94 is noticebly lighter which is a priority for me. Prob a little less power but not a prob for me since I will use it for regular trimming not heavy overgrown growth.
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Old 03-31-2014, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I've had mine about a month and haven't used it much but can tell I'm going to like it. I've used the FS 100RX for several years as reference. The 94 is noticebly lighter which is a priority for me. Prob a little less power but not a prob for me since I will use it for regular trimming not heavy overgrown growth.
I've you'd a FS100RX before and I like it a lot. I'll probably buy a FS100RX because it's only $10 more.
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Old 03-31-2014, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
BUT you can use a 36" walk behind in 80 percent of the place you would use a 21"… so how useful IS the 30" REALLY?
only to people who can't afford the 36, and/or don't want to train employees how to use one.

I Think if you have small lawns, and use a lot of cheap, untrained labor (high school/college kids) who are constantly leaving and you are constantly rehiring, a 30" is a no brainer…because it operates exactly like daddys lawn mower at home, there is no learning curve, but it's so much more productive.
By the time new guy has learned a 36" mower, he's left and is getting replaced by a newer guy, often your trained guy on the 36" is going to another company that pays more…so you have just spent time and money training the competitions helper.
That's where the 30" comes into play I think.

But if you are going to do this yourself,
Id buy a 36" belt drive before a 30"
For me the exmark 30 was the absolute biggest mower that will fit through some of the gates to do back yards for my customers. Anything bigger wouldn't fit through, so for me it was a good choice. I do agree with everyone that says it wont replace a walk behind, but the 30 does have a great Niche market. I used the exmark 30 as a primary mower last year, and it served me well.

The other advantage of the exmark 30 over a "true walk behind" is the ability to switch mowing heights quickly, and the ability to switch from bagging, to mulching, to side discharge quickly also. NOTE: I do NOT have the mulch baffle installed, and found that with just the mulch plug in, it did a pretty good job of mulching grass. By not installing the steel baffle onto the mower deck, I could then switch quickly between mulch or bag.
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2014 Stihl KM130R edger and trimmer shafts

2013 Stihl BR600 Backpack blower
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Old 04-05-2014, 12:26 AM
M&L M&L is offline
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Found another con with the Exmark 30 today. Gear head clients want to talk about it, and that, is such a waste of time.

Also found another pro. When you run over dog crap, you can take the wheel off and take it to the hose. Or dip it in the pool
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Old 04-06-2014, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
I love my Exmark 30. I got the Toro, but returned it before its first use. The single bail isn't as easy to use IMO. Its a replacement for 21's on regular lawns, and will have to double cut on high weeds and out of control properties. Just like any 21".
Pros- you don't turn as much on a property,
your cut width is wider, so you finish MUCH faster than with a 21'
it runs all day on a tank of fuel,
the bag is easy to dump,
the Cut Quality is amazing with sharp blades,
its a rear bagger instead of a side,
has side discharge abilities and the shoot is easy to swap,
the belts and spindles are WAY less expensive than a large walk behind,
the tires are wide enough so rutting isn't a problem,
you can drive it without the blades spinning,
it looks badass,
the deck sticks out about 3" beyond the wheels so its easy to cut all the way up to the edge of flower beds without a wheel falling in,
Exmark overnights parts your dealer doesn't have and its balanced very well, just like using a heavy 21. The handle height is adjustable. I'm about 6'5 and at the highest setting its perfect

Cons- it was just under 2thousand bucks,
its harder to push up a ramp into a truck,(don't notice it in the trailer)
doesn't fit between the curb and Trees/mailboxes sometimes so there is a little extra trimming at times
It was almost 2thousand bucks
Takes up more space (if your working out of a truck)
You have to back off of the drive to make turns. I can't turn mine at full speed.
Being heavier, it may damage things a lighter 21" won't.
The deck.... Collects if your cutting tall or wet stuff.
There are no hills where I'm at, so I can't comment on the climbing/decending aspects of it.

Also, the front wheel adjustment isn't as hard as people on Youtube make it look.
Even though it out weighs a 21 by a lot, I never notice it in regular use. Its when I load it and unload it the weight comes in.
Overall, it has been one of my best purchases. I spend way less time mowing and the lawns look just as good. For heavy cleanups, this isn't your machine, but for regular maintenance accounts weekly/EOW its worth looking into. I haven't brought a 21" with me since I bought it.
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Thanks for the great review on the Exmark 30. I've been debating getting this machine. Most of my properties are 2000-6000 square feet. They are relatively flat and usually tightly landscaped. They also tend to have narrow pathways that lead to the backyards, 30-33" gates, and junk all over the place. I was worried that the 30" additional width and weight would create issues; especially with rutting, loading the machine onto my truck and cutting in wet grass. I currently have a 21" Exmark X series commercial and love it but do wish there was something a bit bigger to use.
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