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Old 09-06-2014, 06:52 PM
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I agree with what gebby said. Also, I'd add that I don't worry too much about what supplies, tools, parts, etc. cost. What I worry about is marketing my company enough so that the phone is always ringing; maintaining high quality, reliability, reputation, skill and reliability that people want from our company and making sure demand for our services is high. That way, I can charge a higher price than most of the others in town do. And by doing that, I don't have to fret over a $13 part. I can just buy it and not even worry about it.

Incidentally, it's companies like mine that are the reasons distributors don't care too much if they tick off a few smaller companies over a $13 part. Because they know they have plenty of other customers who don't care about that $13 part. So they can afford to be choosy.

And before you get offended by that statement, it's the same thing most of us do. We choose to work with the customers that like our pricing, will deal with our payment terms, don't cause a fit about the small stuff, etc. And we choose not to be as accommodating to customers who don't fit our criteria.

You have to get inside the mind of a distributor once in a while. The occasional stuff you buy from them really doesn't get their attention. Not that they don't appreciate it when you do go in and buy something. But you just haven't grown the company to the point to where you've really gotten their attention. Trust me, one day when you do build the company that big they'll all be begging for your business. We have distributors constantly fighting for our business now. But 8 years or so ago, most of them just considered our company small potatoes and we got treated as such. Now that our company has grown to become one of the biggest in our area, things have changed. It's easy to say you'd do things differently and treat everyone golden if you were the distributor. But spend a year in their shoes and I bet you'd look at it differently.

Just consider it part of doing business, pay the $13, and move on. You're focusing your energy on the wrong stuff.
Jim Lewis
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As I stated previously it's not about the money, it's the principle. To be honest if it was even $3 I still would've been surprised, the fact that I held the broken one in my hand at the dealer and listened to him go on about how its a stock part and would come out of his pocket and so on and so on. Actually now that I think about it I have likely purchased something from them within the year so technically that wrench should be a warranty item???? I would rather spend $13 on a torx screwdriver that doesn't break within a year, I was using it to change over the hedge trimmer head to the chainsaw. Thanks for the response Jim, seen many of your posts and are obviously a well respected company both on lawnsite and in your community. I'm over the whole thing and just thought others would care to share in with their thoughts.
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